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Marschik, T; Obritzhauser, W; Wagner, P; Richter, V; Mayerhofer, M; Egger-Danner, C; Käsbohrer, A; Pinior, B (2018): A cost-benefit analysis and the potential trade effects of the bovine viral diarrhoea eradication programme in Styria, Austria. Veterinary Journal 2018; 231: 19-29
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Wulf, M; Beythien, E; Ille, N; Aurich, J; Aurich, C (2018): The stress response of 6-month-old horses to abrupt weaning is influenced by their sex. Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research 2018; 23: 19-24

Bertl, J; Ewing, G; Kosiol, C; Futschik, A (2017): Approximate maximum likelihood estimation for population genetic inference. Stat Appl Genet Mol. 2017; 16(5-6): 291-312.

Cvjetkovic, V; Forstenpointner, G; Weissengruber, GE (2017): Capons: a history of "horned" egg incubators and chick carers. Wien Tierarztl Monat. 2017; 104(11-12): 363-375.

Stejskal, M; Künzel, F; Loncaric, I; Tichy, A; Hiebl, A; Spergser, J (2017): Detection of mycoplasma species in dogs with and without infectious respiratory disease. Wien Tierarztl Monat. 2017; 104(11-12): 331-340.

Valach, A; Brem, G; Palme, R; Van den Hoven, R (2017): Are results obtained in the stallion performance tests of Norikers affected by the presence of the Glycogen Synthase 1 mutant H-allele. Wien Tierarztl Monat. 2017; 104(11-12): 323-329.

Pommer, E; Zitterl-Eglseer, K; Lischka, B; Kubesch, K; Van den Hoven, R (2017): A sensitive method to study pharmacokinetics and bioavailability of Petasites hybridus leaf extract Ze 339 in horses following oral administration of different formulations - a pilot study. Wien Tierarztl Monat. 2017; 104(11-12): 353-361.

Schoiswohl, J; Joachim, A; Hinney, B; Tichy, A; Bauer, K; Stanitznig, A; Krametter-Frötscher, R (2017): Influence of communal alpine pasturing in Styria, Austria, on the development of gastrointestinal strongylid infections over the grazing season in sheep - a pilot study. Berl Munch Tierarztl. 2017; 130(11-12): 494-500.

Lexmond, WS; Goettel, JA; Sallis, BF; McCann, K; Rings, EHHM; Jensen-Jarolim, E; Nurko, S; Snapper, SB; Fiebiger, E (2017): Spontaneous food allergy in Was(-/-) mice occurs independent of Fc epsilon RI-mediated mast cell activation. Allergy. 2017; 72(12): 1916-1924.

Sheriff, MJ; Boonstra, R; Palme, R; Buck, CL; Barnes, BM (2017): Coping with differences in snow cover: the impact on the condition, physiology and fitness of an arctic hibernator. Conserv Physiol. 2017; 5(1):cox065
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Mosing, M; Auer, U; MacFarlane, P; Bardell, D; Schramel, JP; Böhm, SH; Bettschart-Wolfensberger, R; Waldmann, AD (2017): Regional ventilation distribution and dead space in anaesthetised horses treated with and without continuous positive airway pressure: novel insights by electrical impedance tomography and volumetric capnography. Vet Anaesth Analg. 2017;
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Humer, E; Aschenbach, JR; Neubauer, V; Kröger, I; Khiaosa-Ard, R; Baumgartner, W; Zebeli, Q (2017): Signals for identifying cows at risk of subacute ruminal acidosis in dairy veterinary practice. J Anim Physiol Anim Nutr (Berl). 2017;
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Irrgang, A; Falgenhauer, L; Fischer, J; Ghosh, H; Guiral, E; Guerra, B; Schmoger, S; Imirzalioglu, C; Chakraborty, T; Hammerl, JA; Käsbohrer, A (2017): CTX-M-15-Producing E. coli Isolates from Food Products in Germany Are Mainly Associated with an IncF-Type Plasmid and Belong to Two Predominant Clonal E. coli Lineages. Front Microbiol. 2017; 8:2318
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Macher, G; Koehler, M; Rupprecht, A; Kreiter, J; Hinterdorfer, P; Pohl, EE (2017): Inhibition of mitochondrial UCP1 and UCP3 by purine nucleotides and phosphate. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2017;
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Derler, R; Gesslbauer, B; Weber, C; Strutzmann, E; Miller, I; Kungl, A (2017): Glycosaminoglycan-Mediated Downstream Signaling of CXCL8 Binding to Endothelial Cells. Int J Mol Sci. 2017; 18(12):
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