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** Apprich, V; Licka, T; Freiler, S; Gabriel, C (2020): Equine Hoof Canker: Bovine Papillomavirus Infection Is Not Associated With Impaired Keratinocyte Differentiation. Vet Pathol. 2020 57 (4) 525-534.

** Biermann, NM; McClure, JT; Doyle, AJ (2020): Letter to the Editor: Response to letter regarding: Prospective, randomised clinical trial of four different presurgical hand antiseptic techniques in equine surgery. Equine Vet J. 2020; 52(1):158-159

** Dorn, M; Becher-Deichsel, A; Bockstahler, B; Peham, C; Dupré, G (2020): Pressure-Volume Curve during Capnoperitoneum in Cats. Animals (Basel). 2020; 10(8):E1408
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** Florczyk, A; Simhofer, H; Rosser, J (2020): Hypothermia prevention in long-standing equine dental procedures. Equine Veterinary Education 32(7): 368-371.
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** Fortier, LA; Goodrich, LR; Ribitsch, I; Schnabel, LV; Shepard, DO; Watts, AE; Whealands Smith, RK (2020): One health in regenerative medicine: report on the second Havemeyer symposium on regenerative medicine in horses. Regen Med. 2020; 15(6):1775-1787

** Jenner, F (2020): Treatment of osseous cyst-like lesions. Equine Vet Educ. 2020; [Early View]
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** Kau, S; Potz, IK; Pospisil, K; Sellke, L; Schramel, JP; Peham, C (2020): Bit type exerts an influence on self-controlled rein tension in unridden horses. Sci Rep. 2020; 10(1):2420
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** Kramer, N; Pratscher, B; Meneses, AMC; Tschulenk, W; Walter, I; Swoboda, A; Kruitwagen, HS; Schneeberger, K; Penning, LC; Spee, B; Kieslinger, M; Brandt, S; Burgener, IA (2020): Generation of Differentiating and Long-Living Intestinal Organoids Reflecting the Cellular Diversity of Canine Intestine. Cells. 2020; 9(4):822
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** Lechner, B; Handschuh, S; Bockstahler, B; Tichy, A; Peham, C; Schnabl-Feichter, E (2020): Comparison of a novel extracapsular suture technique with a standard fabellotibial suture technique for cranial cruciate ligament repair using a custom-made limb-press model in cats. J Feline Med Surg. 2020; 1098612X20913353
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** Loncaric, I; Cabal Rosel, A; Szostak, MP; Licka, T; Allerberger, F; Ruppitsch, W; Spergser, J (2020): Broad-Spectrum Cephalosporin-Resistant Klebsiella spp. Isolated from Diseased Horses in Austria. Animals (Basel). 2020; 10(2):332
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** Morris, TB; Lumsden, JM; Dunlop, CI; Locke, V; Sommerauer, S; Hurcombe, SDA (2020): Clinical Assessment of an Ipsilateral Cervical Spinal Nerve Block for Prosthetic Laryngoplasty in Anesthetized Horses. Front Vet Sci. 2020; 7:284
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** Oreff, GL; Tatz, AJ; Dahan, R; Raz, T; Kelmer, G (2020): Surgical management of foreign body obstruction of the small and large colons in 29 equids (2004–2016). Equine Veterinary Education 32(8): 424-430.

** Patan-Zugaj, B; Egerbacher, M; Licka, TF (2020): Endotoxin-induced changes in expression of cyclooxygenase isoforms in the lamellar tissue of extracorporeally haemoperfused equine limbs. Anat Histol Embryol. 2020; 49(5):597-605
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** Ribitsch, I; Baptista, PM; Lange-Consiglio, A; Melotti, L; Patruno, M; Jenner, F; Schnabl-Feichter, E; Dutton, LC; Connolly, DJ; van Steenbeek, FG; Dudhia, J; Penning, LC (2020): Large Animal Models in Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering: To Do or Not to Do. Front Bioeng Biotechnol. 2020; 8:972
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** Ribitsch, I; Gueltekin, S; Keith, MF; Minichmair, K; Peham, C; Jenner, F; Egerbacher, M (2020): Age-related changes of tendon fibril micro-morphology and gene expression. J Anat. 2020 236 (4) 688-700.
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** Riedler, DC; Zsoldos, RR; Robel, M; Jobst, ID; Licka, TF (2020): Movement Caused by Electrical Stimulation of the Lumbosacral Region in Standing Horses. J Equine Vet Sci. 2020; 91:103116
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** Schieder, K; Zsoldos, RR; Dippel, M; Siedler, C; Tichy, A; Licka, TF (2020): Use of Physical Self-Experience for Teaching Lameness Evaluation: Short-Term Effects on Lameness Evaluation of Horses with Mild Forelimb Lameness by Novice Veterinary Students. J Vet Med Educ. 2020; 47(3):342-355

Publizierter (zitierfähiger) Beitrag für wissenschaftliche Veranstaltung in Proceedings (A2)

Leitner, Christoph; Baumgartner, Christian; Peham, Christian; Tilp, Markus (2020): Ultrasound in Locomotion Research -- The Quest for Wider Views. -CAMS-Knee OpenSim Workshop; FEB 4-7, 2020; Zürich, Switzerland.

Pohlin, F; Cruz Benedetti, I.C; Rauch, H; Einwaller, J; Gasch, K; Arnold, L; Habe, M; Bachl, C; Arnold, W; Stalder, G; Painer, J (2020): Physiological effects of lateral versussternal recumbency in captive red deer hinds (Cervus elaphus) anaesthetised with tiletamin/zolazepam and medetomidine. -Zoo and Wildlife Health Conference; JUL 6,14,22,30, 2020; Online conference, Switzerland.

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