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** Abdelhamid, MK; Rychlik, I; Hess, C; Hatfaludi, T; Crhanova, M; Karasova, D; Lagler, J; Liebhart, D; Hess, M; Paudel, S (2021): Typhlitis induced by Histomonas meleagridis affects relative but not the absolute Escherichia coli counts and invasion in the gut in turkeys. Vet Res. 2021; 52(1):92
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** Ahmed, F; Soliman, FM; Adly, MA; Soliman, HAM; El-Matbouli, M; Saleh, M (2021): Dietary Chitosan Nanoparticles: Potential Role in Modulation of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Antibacterial Defense and Intestinal Immunity against Enteric Redmouth Disease. Mar Drugs. 2021; 19(2):72
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** Alispahic, M; Endler, L; Hess, M; Hess, C (2021): Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale: Maldi-tof ms and whole genome sequencing confirm that serotypes k, l and m deviate from well-known reference strains and numerous field isolates. Microorganisms. 2021; 9(5):1006
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** Ashfaq, H; Soliman, H; Fajmann, S; Sexl, V; El-Matbouli, M; Saleh, M (2021): Kinetics of CD4-1+ lymphocytes in brown trout after exposure to viral haemorrhagic septicaemia virus. J Fish Dis. 2021 44 (10) 1553-1562.
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** Daş, G; Wachter, L; Stehr, M; Bilic, I; Grafl, B; Wernsdorf, P; Metges, CC; Hess, M; Liebhart, D (2021): Excretion of Histomonas meleagridis following experimental co-infection of distinct chicken lines with Heterakis gallinarum and Ascaridia galli. Parasit Vectors. 2021; 14(1):323
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** Dourakas, M; Wurm, A; Hess, C; Urbantke, V; Wittek, T; Baumgartner, M (2021): Untersuchungen zu Speziesverteilung, Pathogenität und Resistenzprofil von Staphylokokken aus aseptisch entnommenen Schaf- und Ziegenmilchproben. Wien Tierarztl Monat 2021; 108(9-10): 214-225.

** Drauch, V; Kornschober, C; Palmieri, N; Hess, M; Hess, C (2021): Infection dynamics of Salmonella Infantis strains displaying different genetic backgrounds - with or without pESI-like plasmid - vary considerably. Emerg Microbes Infect. 2021; 10(1):1471-1480
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** Essawy, E; Abdelfattah, MS; El-Matbouli, M; Saleh, M (2021): Synergistic Effect of Biosynthesized Silver Nanoparticles and Natural Phenolic Compounds against Drug-Resistant Fish Pathogens and Their Cytotoxicity: An In Vitro Study. Mar Drugs. 2021; 19(1):E22
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** Ghanei-Motlagh, R; Gharibi, D; Mohammadian, T; Khosravi, M; Mahmoudi, E; Zarea, M; Menanteau-Ledouble, S; El-Matbouli, M (2021): Feed supplementation with quorum quenching probiotics with anti-virulence potential improved innate immune responses, antioxidant capacity and disease resistance in Asian seabass (Lates calcarifer). Aquaculture 2021; 535: 736345

** Ghanei-Motlagh, R; Mohammadian, T; Gharibi, D; Khosravi, M; Mahmoudi, E; Zarea, M; El-Matbouli, M; Menanteau-Ledouble, S (2021): Quorum quenching probiotics modulated digestive enzymes activity, growth performance, gut microflora, haemato-biochemical parameters and resistance against Vibrio harveyi in Asian seabass (Lates calcarifer). Aquaculture 2021; 531: 735874

** Gnanamoorthy, G; Karthikeyan, V; Ali, D; Kumar, G; Yadav, VK; Narayanan, V (2021): Global popularization of CuNiO2 and their rGO nanocomposite loveabled to the photocatalytic properties of methylene blue. Environ Res. 2021; 112338
[Article in Press]

** Hess, C; Jandreski-Cvetkovic, D; Liebhart, D; Bilic, I; Hess, M (2021): Outbreaks of Streptococcus gallolyticus subsp. pasteurianus in goslings characterized by central nervous symptoms. Avian Dis 2021; 65(1): 165-170.

** Kumar, G; Ertl, R; Nilsen, F; Bartholomew, JL; El-Matbouli, M (2021): Data of de novo transcriptome assembly of the myxozoan parasite Tetracapsuloides bryosalmonae. Data Brief. 2021; 35:106831
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** Laconi, A; Drigo, I; Palmieri, N; Carraro, L; Tonon, E; Franch, R; Bano, L; Piccirillo, A (2021): Genomic analysis of extra-intestinal Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli isolated from commercial chickens. Vet Microbiol. 2021; 259:109161

** Lagler, J; Schmidt, S; Mitra, T; Stadler, M; Patricia Wernsdorf, ; Grafl, B; Hatfaludi, T; Hess, M; Gerner, W; Liebhart, D (2021): Comparative investigation of IFN-γ-producing T cells in chickens and turkeys following vaccination and infection with the extracellular parasite Histomonas meleagridis. Dev Comp Immunol. 2021; 116:103949
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** Lewisch, E; Arnold, F; Fuehrer, HP; Harl, J; Reichart, U; Handschuh, S; Thielen, F; El-Matbouli, M (2021): First description of freshwater mite Unionicola sauerensis sp. nov. infesting thick-shelled river mussel Unio crassus. Dis Aquat Organ. 2021; 145:63-77

** Lewisch, E; Führer, HP; Shahi-Barogh, B; Harl, J; El-Matbouli, M (2021): Emergence of Discocotyle sagittata (Monogenea: Polyopisthocotylea) in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and brown trout (Salmo trutta) in an Austrian aquarium. J Fish Dis. 2021 44 (10) 1643-1646.
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** Matos, M; Sommer, F; Liebhart, D; Bilic, I; Hess, M; Hess, C (2021): An outbreak of Pullorum disease in a young layer parent flock in Austria presented with central nervous system signs. Avian Dis 2021; 65(1): 159-164.

** Mirzazadeh, A; Grafl, B; Abbasnia, M; Emadi-Jamali, S; Abdi-Hachesoo, B; Schachner, A; Hess, M (2021): Reduced Performance Due to Adenoviral Gizzard Erosion in 16-Day-Old Commercial Broiler Chickens in Iran, Confirmed Experimentally. Front Vet Sci. 2021; 8:635186
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** Mirzazadeh, A; Grafl, B; Berger, E; Schachner, A; Hess, M (2021): Longitudinal serological monitoring of commercial broiler breeders for fowl adenoviruses (FAdVs) - presence of antibodies is linked with virus excretion. Avian Dis 2021; 65(1): 177-187.

** Mirzazadeh, A; Matos, M; Emadi-Jamali, S; Liebhart, D; Hess, M (2021): Atypical Manifestation of Cutaneous Fowlpox in Broiler Chickens Associated with High Condemnation at a Processing Plant. Avian Dis. 2021; 65(3):340-345

** Mitra, T; Bramberger, B; Bilic, I; Hess, M; Liebhart, D (2021): Vaccination against the protozoan parasite histomonas meleagridis primes the activation of toll-like receptors in turkeys and chickens determined by a set of newly developed multiplex rt-qpcrs. Vaccines (Basel). 2021; 9(9):960
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** Palmieri, N; de Jesus Ramires, M; Hess, M; Bilic, I (2021): Complete genomes of the eukaryotic poultry parasite Histomonas meleagridis: linking sequence analysis with virulence / attenuation. BMC Genomics. 2021; 22(1):753
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** Paudel, S; Fink, D; Abdelhamid, MK; Zöggeler, A; Liebhart, D; Hess, M; Hess, C (2021): Aerosol is the optimal route of respiratory tract infection to induce pathological lesions of colibacillosis by a lux-tagged avian pathogenic Escherichia coli in chickens. Avian Pathol. 2021 50 (5) 417-426.

** Rezaee, MS; Liebhart, D; Hess, C; Hess, M; Paudel, S (2021): Bacterial Infection in Chicken Embryos and Consequences of Yolk Sac Constitution for Embryo Survival. Vet Pathol. 2021 58 (1) 71-79.

** Ruhnau, D; Hess, C; Doupovec, B; Grenier, B; Schatzmayr, D; Hess, M; Awad, W (2021): Deepoxy-deoxynivalenol (DOM-1), a derivate of deoxynivalenol (DON), exhibits less toxicity on intestinal barrier function, Campylobacter jejuni colonization and translocation in broiler chickens. Gut Pathog. 2021; 13(1):44
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** Sachslehner, AP; Surbek, M; Lachner, J; Paudel, S; Eckhart, L (2021): Identification of chicken transglutaminase 1 and in situ localization of transglutaminase activity in avian skin and esophagus. Genes (Basel). 2021; 12(10):1565
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** Saleh, M; Abdel-Baki, AS; Dkhil, MA; El-Matbouli, M; Al-Quraishy, S (2021): Proteins of the Ciliated Protozoan Parasite Ichthyophthirius multifiliis Identified in Common Carp Skin Mucus. Pathogens. 2021; 10(7):790
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** Saleh, M; Sellyei, B; Kovács, G; Székely, C (2021): Viruses Infecting the European Catfish (Silurus glanis). Viruses. 2021; 13(9):1865
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** Saravanan, K; Praveenraj, J; Kiruba-Sankar, R; Devi, V; Biswas, U; Kumar, TS; Sudhagar, A; El-Matbouli, M; Kumar, G (2021): Co-infection of infectious hypodermal and hematopoietic necrosis virus (Ihhnv) and white spot syndrome virus (wssv) in the wild crustaceans of andaman and nicobar archipelago, india. Viruses. 2021; 13(7):1378
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** Schachner, A; Grafl, B; Hess, M (2021): Spotlight on fowl adenovirus (FAdV) in chickens and beyond - an unresolved host-pathogen interplay. Avian Pathol. 2021 50 (1) 2-5.

** Schmidt, S; Sassu, EL; Vatzia, E; Pierron, A; Lagler, J; Mair, KH; Stadler, M; Knecht, C; Spergser, J; Dolezal, M; Springer, S; Theuß, T; Fachinger, V; Ladinig, A; Saalmüller, A; Gerner, W (2021): Vaccination and Infection of Swine With Salmonella Typhimurium Induces a Systemic and Local Multifunctional CD4+ T-Cell Response. Front Immunol. 2021; 11:603089
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** Shivam, S; El-Matbouli, M; Kumar, G (2021): Development of Fish Parasite Vaccines in the OMICs Era: Progress and Opportunities. Vaccines (Basel). 2021; 9(2):179
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** von Buchholz, JS; Bilic, I; Aschenbach, JR; Hess, M; Mitra, T; Awad, WA (2021): Establishment of a novel probe-based RT-qPCR approach for detection and quantification of tight junctions reveals age-related changes in the gut barriers of broiler chickens. PLoS One. 2021; 16(3):e0248165
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** Waldner, K; Borkovec, M; Borgwardt, F; Unfer, G; El-Matbouli, M (2021): Effect of water temperature on the morbidity of Tetracapsuloides bryosalmonae (Myxozoa) to brown trout (Salmo trutta) under laboratory conditions. J Fish Dis. 2021 44 (7) 1005-1013.
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** Weidmann, M; El-Matbouli, M; Zeng, W; Bergmann, SM (2021): Special issue “emerging viruses in aquaculture”. Viruses. 2021; 13(9):1777
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** Zahran, E; Abdelhamid, F; Aboelfadl, E; El-Matbouli, M (2021): Biomarker responses of Nile tilapia towards wastewater effluents exposure. Aquac Res. 2021 52 (4) 1382-1394.

** Zahran, E; Elbahnaswy, S; Mamdouh, A; El-Matbouli, M (2021): Xenosteroids in aquaculture with special consideration to Lake Manzala (Northern delta lake, Egypt): Types, sources and mechanism of action. Aquac Res. 2021 52 (12) 5962-5977.

** Zloch, A; Kuchling, S; Hess, M; Hess, C (2021): In addition to birds’ age and outdoor access, the detection method is of high importance to determine the prevalence of gastrointestinal helminths in laying hens kept in alternative husbandry systems. Vet Parasitol. 2021; 299:109559
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Publizierter (zitierfähiger) Beitrag für wissenschaftliche Veranstaltung in Proceedings (A2)

Abdelhamid, MK; Rychlik, I; Hess, C; Hatfaludi, T; Crhanova, M; Karasova, D; Lagler, J; Liebhart, D; Hess, M; Paudel, S (2021): Typhlitis induced by Histomonas meleagridis affects relative but not the absolute Escherichia coli counts and invasion in the gut in turkeys. -INPOMED – Innovations in Poultry Medicine. Seminar and workshop on poultry intestinal health; MAY 26, 2021; Vienna, Austria.

Bagheri, S; Mitra, T; Hess, C; Hess, M; Liebhart, D (2021): Investigating the cellular immune response of isolated chicken mononuclear cells against killed and live avian pathogenic Escherichia coli -AK Veterinary Immunology (VIA); Jul 7-9, 2021; Online, Germany.

Hess, C (2021): Salmonella Infantis - Ein Update -10. Tagung des VET Arbeitskreises Geflügelforschung; OCT 1-2, 2021; Rust, Austria.

Mitra, T; Weidinger, A; Sharokhyan, MR; Hatfaludi, T; Hess, M; Liebhart, D (2021): In vitro expression patterns of chicken Toll-like receptor mRNA stimulated with the extracellular protozoan parasite Histomonas meleagridis points towards an innate immune response. -AK Veterinary Immunology (VIA); Jul 7-9, 2021; Online, Germany.

Ruhnau, D; Hess, C; Grenier, B; Doupovec, B; Schatzmayr, D; Hess, M; Awad, WA (2021): The feed contaminant deoxynivalenol supports a Campylobacter jejuni infection in chickens 187-190.-19. BOKU-Symposium Tierernährung; April 15, 2021; Vienna; April 15, 2021; Vienna, Austria.

Strebinger, K; Wernsdorf, P; Mitra, T; Kiesler, A; Hess, M; Liebhart, D (2021): Etablierung von ex vivo und in vitro Modellen zur Untersuchung der angeborenen intestinalen Immunantwort gegen Krankheitserreger des Geflügels -10. Tagung des VET Arbeitskreises Geflügelforschung; OCT 1-2, 2021; Rust, Austria.

Strebinger, K; Wernsdorf, P; Mitra, T; Kiesler, A; Hess, M; Liebhart, D (2021): Establishing ex vivo and in vitro systems to evaluate poultry intestinal innate immune response against pathogens -INPOMED – Innovations in Poultry Medicineseminar and workshop on poultry intestinal health; MAY 26, 2021; Vienna, Austria.

von Buchholz, JS; Bilic, I; Aschenbach, JR; Hess, M; Mitra, T; Awad, WA (2021): Freeze fracture immunogold labeling (FRIL) on grid-glued replicas - a method to quantify tight junction proteins in the chicken gut? 11-11.-7th Symposium of the Graduate School for Pig and Poultry Medicine (PaP); April 15, 2021; Vienna, Austria.

von Buchholz, S; Montanaro, JC; Hess, C; Hess, M; Awad, A (2021): Untersuchung von Tight Junction Proteinen im Kontext der Darmpermeabilität beim Broiler -10. Tagung des VET Arbeitskreises Geflügelforschung; OCT 1-2, 2021; Rust, Austria.

Nichtpublizierter (nicht zitierfähiger) Beitrag für wissenschaftliche Veranstaltung (A3)

Hess, C (2021): Salmonella Seminar. Salmonella Seminar Phibro - AbikSepta; JUL 23, 2021; Moskau, Russia. 2021.

Liebhart, D (2021): Aktuelles zur Schwarzkopfkrankheit bei Puten. Online-Fachtagung Putenhaltung; JAN 19, 2021; Vienna, Austria. 2021.

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