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** Awad, WA; Ruhnau, D; Hess, C; Doupovec, B; Schatzmayr, D; Hess, M (2019): Feeding of deoxynivalenol increases the intestinal paracellular permeability of broiler chickens. Arch Toxicol. 2019; 93(7):2057-2064
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** Lagler, J; Mitra, T; Schmidt, S; Pierron, A; Vatzia, E; Stadler, M; Hammer, SE; Mair, KH; Grafl, B; Wernsdorf, P; Rauw, F; Lambrecht, B; Liebhart, D; Gerner, W (2019): Cytokine production and phenotype of Histomonas meleagridis-specific T cells in the chicken. Vet Res. 2019; 50(1):107
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** Martínez-Herrero, MDC; Garijo-Toledo, MM; González, F; Bilic, I; Liebhart, D; Ganas, P; Hess, M; Gómez-Muñoz, MT (2019): Membrane associated proteins of two Trichomonas gallinae clones vary with the virulence. PLoS One. 2019; 14(10):e0224032
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** Mazumdar, R; Nöbauer, K; Hummel, K; Hess, M; Bilic, I (2019): Molecular characterization of Histomonas meleagridis exoproteome with emphasis on protease secretion and parasite-bacteria interaction. PLoS One. 2019; 14(2):e0212429
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** Mirzazadeh, A; Asasi, K; Schachner, A; Mosleh, N; Liebhart, D; Hess, M; Grafl, B (2019): Gizzard Erosion Associated with Fowl Adenovirus Infection in Slaughtered Broiler Chickens in Iran. Avian Dis. 2019; 63(4):568-576

** Nassik, S; Tallouzt, S; Karbach, N; Touzani, C; Bidoudan, Y; Aamarine, N; Hess, C (2019): First Report of Isolation of Gallibacterium anatis from Layer Chickens in Morocco with Decrease in Laying Performance. Avian Dis. 2019; 63(4):727-730

** Schachner, A; Gonzalez, G; Endler, L; Ito, K; Hess, M (2019): Fowl Adenovirus (FAdV) Recombination with Intertypic Crossovers in Genomes of FAdV-D and FAdV-E, Displaying Hybrid Serological Phenotypes. Viruses. 2019; 11(12):1094
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** Spergser, J; Hess, C; Loncaric, I; Ramírez, AS (2019): Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization-Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry Is a Superior Diagnostic Tool for the Identification and Differentiation of Mycoplasmas Isolated from Animals. J Clin Microbiol. 2019; 57(9):00316-19

** Sulejmanović, T; Grafl, B; Bilić, I; Jaskulska, B; Hess, M (2019): PCR and serology confirm the infection of turkey hens and their resilience to histomonosis in mixed flocks following high mortalities in toms. Parasit Vectors. 2019; 12(1):228
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** Sulejmanovic, T; Turblin, V; Bilic, I; Jaskulska, B; Hess, M (2019): Detection of Histomonas meleagridis DNA in dust samples obtained from apparently healthy meat turkey flocks without effect on performance. Avian Pathol. 2019; 48(4):329-333

** Wald, R; Hess, C; Urbantke, V; Wittek, T; Baumgartner, M (2019): Characterization of Staphylococcus Species Isolated from Bovine Quarter Milk Samples. Animals (Basel). 2019; 9(5): 200.
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** Xin, D; Bisgaard, M; Busse, HJ; Olsen, RH; Hess, C; Aalbæk, B; Olsen, JE; Christensen, H (2019): Reclassification of Bisgaard taxon 37 and taxon 44 as Psittacicella melopsittaci gen. nov., sp. nov., Psittacicella hinzii sp. nov. and Psittacicella gerlachiana sp. nov. within Psittacicellaceae fam. nov. of the order Pasteurellales. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol. 2019; 69(2):350-355

Kongressbeitrag in einer Zeitschrift

** Perez-Illana, M; Schachner, A; Condezo, GN; Hernando-Perez, M; Menendez, M; Marabini, R; San Martin, C; Hess, M (2019): Fowl aviadenoviruses on the move: the structure of a highly stable complex capsid. Joint 12th EBSA European Biophysics Congress / 10th IUPAP International Conference on Biological Physics (ICBP), Madrid, SPAIN, Spain, JUL 20-24, 2019. Eur Biophys J Biophy (48), S1 S148-S148.

Publizierter (zitierfähiger) Beitrag für wissenschaftliche Veranstaltung in Proceedings (A2)

Alispahic, M; Hess, C; Jandreski-Cvetkovic, D; Hess, M (2019): Morganella morganii an infectious agent in poultry? -8. Tagung des VET Arbeitskreises Geflügelforschung; April 5-6, 2019; Rust, Austria.

Bilic, I; Berger, E; Grafl, B; Hess, M (2019): Genotyping of Avian Orthoreviruses from Different Regions and Birds Reveals Great Heterogenity. -21st World Veterinary Poultry Association Congress- WVPAC; Sept 16-20, 2019; Bangkok, Thailand.

Buchholz, S; Mitra, T; Aschenbach, J; Hess, M; Awad, W (2019): Tight junction expression in the gut of broiler chickens: Influence of age and Campylobacter jejuni with or without deoxynivalenol. 18-18.-5th Symposium of the Graduate School for Pig and Poultry Medicine (PaP); April 4-5, 2019; Vienna, Austria.

Grafl, B; Gaußmann, B, Hess, C; Hess, M (2019): Monitoring pathoanatomischer Veränderungen beim österreichischen Mastgeflügel unter Berücksichtigung labordiagnostischer Untersuchungen und betriebsspezifischen Produktionsdaten. -8. Tagung des VET Arbeitskreises Geflügelforschung; APRIL 5-6, 2019; Rust, Austria.

Grafl, B; Gaußmann, B; Hess, C; Hess, M (2019): Prevalence Of E. Coli In Broilers Linked To Yolksac Infection And Motality Disorder. -WVPAC 2019; SEP 16-20, 2019; Bangkok, Thailand.

Grafl, B; Gaußmann, B; Hess, M (2019): Pathomorphology Of Broilers Kept With Reducedstocking Density And Minimal Use Of Anibiotics. -WVPAC 2019; SEP 16-20, 2019; Bangkok, Thailand.

Grafl, B; Gaußmann, B; Prokofieva, I; Hess, M (2019): Impact Of Biosecurity On The Introduction Of Fowl Adenoviruses And Avian Orthoreoviruses In Broiler Flocks. -WVPAC 2019; SEP 16-20, 2019; Bangkok, Thailand.

Grafl, B; Wernsdorf, P; Prokofieva, I; Hess, M (2019): Live Vaccination With Apathogenic FAdV-1 Protects Layers From Development Of Adenoviral Gizzard Erosion. -WVPAC 2019; SEP 16-20, 2019; Bangkok, Thailand.

Hess, C; Grafl, B; Bagheri, S; Käsbohrer, A; Zloch, A; Hess, M (2019): Multiresistant strains of Gallibacterium anatis from layers with varying resistance profiles within a flock, a bird and even the same organ. -WVPAC 2019; OCT 16-20, 2019; Bangkok, Thailand.

Hess, M (2019): Erkrankungen durch Hühneradenoviren. 29-30.-96. Fachgespräch über Geflügelkrankheiten; Mai 09-10, 2019; Hannover, Germany.

Hess, M (2019): Die häufigsten Erkrankungen bei Masthühnern. 81-81.-Die häufigsten Erkrankungen bei Masthühnern; NOV 8, 2019; Kremsmünster, Austria.

Hess, M (2019): Aktuelle Erkenntnisse zu Histomonas meleagridis und Möglichkeiten der Impfung. 235-239.-bpt-Kongress; OCT 17.-19, 2019; München, Germany.

Liebhart, D; Hess, M (2019): Histomonosis – new approaches on disease prevention. -70th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science; AUG 26-30, 2019; Ghent, Belgium.

Matos, M; Bilic, I; Mitsch, P; Sommer, F; Berger, E; Hess, M (2019): High number of cutaneous fowlpox outbreaks in Austria suggests increased viral fitness in the field. -WVPAC 2019 - World Veterinary Poultry Association Conference 2019; SEPT 16-20, 2019; Bangkok, Thailand.

Matos, M; Hess, M (2019): Viral hepato-pancreatitis and metabolic related derangements in chickens. -III. CEPI Conference on Poultry Nutrition and Poultry Health; FEB 14, 2019; Keszthely, Hungary.

Mitra, T; Bramberger, B; Hess, M; Liebhart, D (2019): The impact of attenuated and virulent Histomonas on the innate immune response of chickens and turkeys. -4th International Symposium on Parasite Infection in Poultry; June 28-29, 2019; Vienna, Austria.

Mitra, T; Bramberger, B; Hess, M; Liebhart, D (2019): Innate immune response of chickens and turkeys against Histomonas meleagridis varies with the pathogenicity of the parasite. -Veterinärimmunologie Arbeitskreis; Sept 9-10, 2019; Munich, Germany.

Nees, M; Hess, C; Hess, M; Alispahic, M (2019): Characterisation of Escherichia coli by MALDI-TOF MS -Ⅲ. CEPI Konferenz zum Thema „Geflügelfütterung und Geflügelkrankheiten"; Jan 14, 2019; Keszthely, Hungary.

Paudel, S; Abdelhamid, MK; Hatfaludi, T; Rezaee, MS; Liebhart, L; Hess, C; Hess, M (2019): Histomonas meleagridis favors the caecal colonization of Escherichia coli in chickens determined experimentally. -International Symposium on Parasite Infections in Poultry; JUNE 28-29, 2019; Vienna, Austria.

Paudel, S; Fink, D; Zöggeler, A; Liebhart, D; Hess, M; Hess, C (2019): Elucidating the preferred natural infection route for experimental colibacillosis based upon a bioluminescent Escherichia coli. -21st World Veterinary Poultry Association Congress; SEP 16-20, 2019; Bangkok, Thailand.

Paudel, S; Hess, C; Hess, M (2019): Dynamics of natural and experimental Escherichia coli infections in chickens -III. CEPI conference on Poultry Nutrition and Poultry Health; FEB 14,2019; Keszthely, Hungary.

Paudel, S; Rezaee, MS; Liebhart, D; Hess, C; Hess, M (2019): Histopathology underlines the importance of an intact yolk sac for survival of embryos experimentally infected with different bacteria. -21st World Veterinary Poultry Association congress; SEP 16-20, 2019; Bangkok, Thailand.

Paudel, S; Ruhnau, D; Liebhart, D; Hess, M; Hess, C (2019): Increased severity of infectious coryza in chickens experimentally infected with Avibacterium paragallinarum and Gallibacterium anatis. -International Symposium on Avian Mycoplasmosis and Infectious Coryza; NOV 13-15, 2019; Utrecht, Netherlands.

Ruhnau, D; Hess, C; Hess, M; Awad, W (2019): Interaction of C. jejuni with the feed contaminant deoxynivalenol (DON): in-vivo and in-vitro 17-17.-5th Symposium of the Graduate School for Pig and Poultry Medicine (PaP); April 4-5, 2019; Vienna, Austria.

Schachner, A; Gonzalez, G; Endler, L; Ito, K; Hess, M (2019): Evidence of frequent and multiple recombination in fowl adenovirus (FAdV), revealed by FAdV-D and FAdV-E strain variants with reshuffled genomes and atypical serological reactivities. -XXIst World Veterinary Poultry Association Congress; SEP 16-20, 2019; Bangkok, Thailand.

Schmidt, S; Stadler, M; Mair, KH; Stas, MR; Dürlinger, S; Kreutzmann, H; Knecht, C; Pierron, A; Vatzia, E; Lagler, J; Milburn, J; Villanueva-Hernández, S; Spergser, J; Springer, S; Theuß, T [and 4 others] (2019): Antigen-specific T-cell response of swine against Salmonella Typhimurium. 12--Veterinary Immunology Working Group (VIA) of the DGfI (German Society for Immunology); SEP 9-10, 2019; Munich, Germany.

Nichtpublizierter (nicht zitierfähiger) Beitrag für wissenschaftliche Veranstaltung (A3)

Bilic, I; Palmieri, N; de Jesus Ramires, M; Jaskulska, B; Hess, M (2019): Histomonas meleagridis- from genome to proteome. Eukaryome impact on Intestine homeostasis and mucosal immunology; Okt 16-18, 2019; Paris, France. 2019.

Bilic, I; Palmieri, N; Jaskulska, B; Hess, M (2019): Full genome sequence of virulent and in vitro attenuated Histomonas meleagridis. 4th International Symposium on Parasite Infections in poultry; Juni 28.29, 2019; Vienna, Austria. 2019.

Hess, C (2019): Parasiten bei Legehühnern. Tierhaltungstage Geflügel; DEZ 3, 2019; Marz, Austria. 2019.

Hess, C; Drauch, V; Vogl, C; Hess, M (2019): Efficacy of disinfectants against Salmonella Infantis determined in vitro. Mini-Symposium on Salmonella Infantis Infections in Poultry; OCT 10, 2019; Vienna, Austria. 2019.

Hess, C; Drauch, V; Vogl, C; Hess, M (2019): Efficacy of disinfectants against Salmonella Infantis determined in vitro. 5th ECPVS Scientific Symposium; NOV 13, 2019; Amersforrt, Netherlands. 2019.

Hess, M (2019): Actual challenges for Poultry Health. IXth International Veterinary Congress; APR 23-25, 2019; Kaliningrad, Russia. 2019.

Hess, M (2019): Histomonosis and the molecular repertoire of Histomonas meleagridis. 6th International Conference on Poultry Intestinal Health.; Apr 3-5, 2019; Rom, Italy. 2019.

Hess, M (2019): Pathogen Control: Past, present and future. Chr. Hansen Interactive Seminar; Jun 10, 2019; Gdansk, Poland. 2019.

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