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** Bak, KH; Richards, MP (2021): Hexanal as a Predictor of Development of Oxidation Flavor in Cured and Uncured Deli Meat Products as Affected by Natural Antioxidants. Foods. 2021; 10(1):E152
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** Bolumar, T; Orlien, V; Sikes, A; Aganovic, K; Bak, KH; Guyon, C; Stübler, AS; de Lamballerie, M; Hertel, C; Brüggemann, DA (2021): High-pressure processing of meat: Molecular impacts and industrial applications. Compr Rev Food Sci F. 2021 20 (1) 332-368.
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** Brunauer, M; Roch, FF; Conrady, B (2021): Prevalence of worldwide neonatal calf diarrhoea caused by bovine rotavirus in combination with bovine coronavirus, escherichia coli k99 and cryptosporidium spp.: A meta-analysis. Animals (Basel). 2021; 11(4):1014
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** Firth, CLL; Kremer, K; Werner, T; Käsbohrer, A (2021): The Effects of Feeding Waste Milk Containing Antimicrobial Residues on Dairy Calf Health. Pathogens. 2021; 10(2):112
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** Fleischmann, S; Robben, C; Alter, T; Rossmanith, P; Mester, P (2021): How to Evaluate Non-Growing Cells-Current Strategies for Determining Antimicrobial Resistance of VBNC Bacteria. Antibiotics (Basel). 2021; 10(2):115
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** Juraschek, K; Borowiak, M; Tausch, SH; Malorny, B; Käsbohrer, A; Otani, S; Schwarz, S; Meemken, D; Deneke, C; Hammerl, JA (2021): Article outcome of different sequencing and assembly approaches on the detection of plasmids and localization of antimicrobial resistance genes in commensal escherichia coli. Microorganisms. 2021; 9(3):598
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** Marschik, T; Kopacka, I; Stockreiter, S; Schmoll, F; Hiesel, J; Höflechner-Pöltl, A; Käsbohrer, A; Pinior, B (2021): The Epidemiological and Economic Impact of a Potential Foot-and-Mouth Disease Outbreak in Austria. Front Vet Sci. 2021; 7:594753
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** Mueller, AJ; Jung, MY; Strachan, CR; Herbold, CW; Kirkegaard, RH; Wagner, M; Daims, H (2021): Genomic and kinetic analysis of novel Nitrospinae enriched by cell sorting. Isme J. 2021 15 (3) 732-745.
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** Pacífico, C; Petri, RM; Ricci, S; Mickdam, E; Wetzels, SU; Neubauer, V; Zebeli, Q (2021): Unveiling the Bovine Epimural Microbiota Composition and Putative Function. Microorganisms. 2021; 9(2):342
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** Pauly, N; Hammerl, JA; Schwarz, S; Grobbel, M; Meemken, D; Malorny, B; Tenhagen, BA; Käsbohrer, A; Irrgang, A (2021): Co-occurrence of the blaVIM-1 and blaSHV-12 genes on an IncHI2 plasmid of an Escherichia coli isolate recovered from German livestock. J Antimicrob Chemother. 2021; 76(2):531-533
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** Rubel, F; Brugger, K (2021): Operational TBE incidence forecasts for Austria, Germany, and Switzerland 2019-2021. Ticks Tick Borne Dis. 2021; 12(1):101579
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** Rubel, F; Brugger, K; Chitimia-Dobler, L; Dautel, H; Meyer-Kayser, E; Kahl, O (2021): Atlas of ticks (Acari: Argasidae, Ixodidae) in Germany. Exp Appl Acarol. 2021; 84(1):183-214
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** Savin, M; Bierbaum, G; Kreyenschmidt, J; Schmithausen, RM; Sib, E; Schmoger, S; Käsbohrer, A; Hammerl, JA (2021): Clinically relevant escherichia coli isolates from process waters and wastewater of poultry and pig slaughterhouses in germany. Microorganisms. 2021; 9(4):698
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** Schill, S; Stessl, B; Meier, N; Tichy, A; Wagner, M; Ludewig, M (2021): Microbiological safety and sensory quality of cultivated mushrooms (Pleurotus eryngii, pleurotus ostreatus and lentinula edodes) at retail level and post-retail storage. Foods. 2021; 10(4):816
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** Sommer, J; Bromberger, B; Robben, C; Kalb, R; Rossmanith, P; Mester, P-J (2021): Liquid-liquid extraction of viral particles with ionic liquids. Separation and Purification Technology 2021; 254: 117591
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** Wang, B; Zhang, Q; Zhang, N; Bak, KH; Soladoye, OP; Aluko, RE; Fu, Y; Zhang, Y (2021): Insights into formation, detection and removal of the beany flavor in soybean protein. Trends in Food Science and Technology 2021; 112: 336-347

** Wessels, L; Reich, F; Schmoger, S; Pucher, J; Atter, A; Käsbohrer, A; Hammerl, JA (2021): Draft Genome Sequences of Pseudomonas sp. Isolates Recovered from Ghanaian Fish Food Samples in 2018. Microbiol Resour Announc. 2021; 10(6):e01332-20
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** Zwirzitz, B; Wetzels, SU; Dixon, ED; Fleischmann, S; Selberherr, E; Thalguter, S; Quijada, NM; Dzieciol, M; Wagner, M; Stessl, B (2021): Co-Occurrence of Listeria spp. and Spoilage Associated Microbiota During Meat Processing Due to Cross-Contamination Events. Front Microbiol. 2021; 12:632935
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Bauer, S; Pauker, A; Bauer, A; Bauer, A; Paulsen, P (2021): Qualitätseigenschaften von Wiener Blütenhonig. Rundschau für Fleischhygiene und Lebensmittelüberwachung 2021; 73(1): 11-13.

Publizierter (zitierfähiger) Beitrag für wissenschaftliche Veranstaltung in Proceedings (A2)

Firth, CL; Fuchs, K; Käsbohrer, A; Obritzhauser, W (2021): Benchmarking dairy farms - using the Defined Daily Dose (DDDvet) and Defined Course Dose (DCDvet) metrics as defined by the European Medicines Agency. 82-83.-One Health Antimicrobial Stewardship Conference; MAR 10-12, 2021; Alberta, Canada.

Nichtpublizierter (nicht zitierfähiger) Beitrag für wissenschaftliche Veranstaltung (A3)

Desvars-Larrive A., CCCSL Project Team (2021): CCCSL: A structured open-source dataset of government interventions in response to COVID-19 COVID-19 PHSMs Data Coverage Conference; Feb 10-11 and Mar 3, 2021; Munich, Germany. 2021.

Firth, C (2021): Risikofaktoren für Euterentzündungen D4Dairy/Tiergesundheitsdienst Webinar Reihe: Maßnahmen zur Verbesserung der Eutergesundheit; FEB 1, 2021; Kapfenberg, Austria. 2021.

Marschik, T (2021): EuFMDiS Training. SVEMP Conference 2021; MAR, 24-26, 2021; Vienna (Online), Austria. 2021.

Marschik, T (2021): EuFMDiS Training. EuFMDiS Workshop OS20 (; JAN 27, 2021; Vienna/Rome (Online), Austria. 2021.

Originalbeitrag in Sammelwerk

** Mester, P; Witte, AK; Rossmanith, P (2021): Sample Preparation for qPCR Detection of Listeria from Food. IN: Fox, EM; Bierne, H; Stessl, B [Hrsg.]: Listeria Monocytogenes. New York, NY, Humana, pp. 31-40. ISBN: 978-1-0716-0981-1.

** Rychli, K; Wagner, E; Guinane, CM; Daly, K; Hill, C; Cotter, PD (2021): Generation of Nonpolar Deletion Mutants in Listeria monocytogenes Using the "SOEing" Method. IN: Fox, EM; Bierne, H; Stessl, B [Hrsg.]: Listeria Monocytogenes. New York, NY, Humana, pp. 165-175. ISBN: 978-1-0716-0981-1.

** Stessl, B; Wagner, M; Ruppitsch, W (2021): Multilocus Sequence Typing (MLST) and Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) of Listeria monocytogenes and Listeria innocua. IN: Fox, EM; Bierne, H; Stessl, B [Hrsg.]: Listeria Monocytogenes. New York, NY, Humana, pp. 89-103. ISBN: 978-1-0716-0981-1.

** Wagner, M; Stessl, B (2021): Sampling the Food-Processing Environment: Taking Up the Cudgel for Preventive Quality Management in Food Processing (FP). IN: Fox, EM; Bierne, H; Stessl, B [Hrsg.]: Listeria Monocytogenes. New York, NY, Humana, pp. 233-242. ISBN: 978-1-0716-0981-1.

** Witte, AK; Mester, P; Rossmanith, P (2021): qPCR Validation on the Basis of the Listeria monocytogenes prfA Assay. IN: Fox, EM; Bierne, H; Stessl, B [Hrsg.]: Listeria Monocytogenes. New York, NY, Humana, pp. 41-53. ISBN: 978-1-0716-0981-1.

Populärwissenschaftlicher Artikel

Paulsen, P (2021): Ist Fuchsleber giftig? Der Anblick 4, 48-48.

Paulsen, P; Grasberger, M (2021): Wildfleisch kann mehr: Modern Food, Modern Lifestyle. St. Hubertus 3, 10-13.

Sonstige Veröffentlichung

Bregnard, C; Rais, O; Herrmann, C; Kahl, O; Brugger, K; Voordouw, MJ (2021): Beech tree masting explains the inter-annual variation in the fall and spring peaks of Ixodes ricinus ticks with different time lags. biorxiv doi: 10.1101/2021.04.20.440690
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Desvars-Larrive, A., CCCSL Project Team (2021): Complexity Science Hub COVID-19 Control Strategies List (CCCSL) (Version v1.2) [Data set]. Zenodo,
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Desvars-Larrive, A., Dervic, E., Haug, N., Gruber, M., Garcia, D. (2021): A structured open dataset of government interventions in response to COVID-19–Codes for exploration and visualisation. (Version v2.1) Zenodo,
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