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Journal Article

** Almeida, AM; Ali, SA; Ceciliani, F; Eckersall, PD; Hernández-Castellano, LE; Han, R; Hodnik, JJ; Jaswal, S; Lippolis, JD; McLaughlin, M; Miller, I; Mohanty, AK; Mrljak, V; Nally, JE; Nanni, P [and 9 others] (2021): Domestic animal proteomics in the 21st century: A global retrospective and viewpoint analysis. J Proteomics. 2021; 241:104220

** Bajusz, D; Bognár, Z; Ebner, J; Grebien, F; Keserű, GM (2021): Discovery of a non-nucleoside setd2 methyltransferase inhibitor against acute myeloid leukemia. Int J Mol Sci. 2021; 22(18):10055
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** Bajusz, D; Wade, WS; Satała, G; Bojarski, AJ; Ilaš, J; Ebner, J; Grebien, F; Papp, H; Jakab, F; Douangamath, A; Fearon, D; von Delft, F; Schuller, M; Ahel, I; Wakefield, A [and 4 others] (2021): Exploring protein hotspots by optimized fragment pharmacophores. Nat Commun. 2021; 12(1):3201
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** Delijewski, M; Radad, K; Krewenka, C; Kranner, B; Moldzio, R (2021): The Reassessed Impact of Nicotine against Neurotoxicity in Mesencephalic Dopaminergic Cell Cultures and Neuroblastoma N18TG2 Cells. Planta Med. 2021;
[Article in Press]

** Gianazza, E; Eberini, I; Palazzolo, L; Miller, I (2021): Hemolymph proteins: An overview across marine arthropods and molluscs. J Proteomics. 2021; 245:104294
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** Grandits, AM; Nguyen, CH; Schlerka, A; Hackl, H; Sill, H; Etzler, J; Heyes, E; Stoiber, D; Grebien, F; Heller, G; Wieser, R (2021): Downregulation of MTSS1 in acute myeloid leukemia is associated with a poor prognosis, chemotherapy resistance, and disease aggressiveness. Leukemia. 2021 35 (10) 2827-2839.
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** Heyes, E; Schmidt, L; Manhart, G; Eder, T; Proietti, L; Grebien, F (2021): Identification of gene targets of mutant C/EBPα reveals a critical role for MSI2 in CEBPA-mutated AML. Leukemia. 2021 35 (9) 2526-2538.

** Klausberger, M; Duerkop, M; Haslacher, H; Wozniak-Knopp, G; Cserjan-Puschmann, M; Perkmann, T; Lingg, N; Aguilar, PP; Laurent, E; De Vos, J; Hofner, M; Holzer, B; Stadler, M; Manhart, G; Vierlinger, K [and 43 others] (2021): A comprehensive antigen production and characterisation study for easy-to-implement, specific and quantitative SARS-CoV-2 serotests. EBioMedicine. 2021; 67:103348
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** Miller, I; de Almeida, AM; Eckersall, PD (2021): Across the great divide: Proteomics becoming an essential tool for animal and veterinary sciences. J Proteomics. 2021; 241:104225

** Schwestka, J; König-Beihammer, J; Shin, YJ; Vavra, U; Kienzl, NF; Grünwald-Gruber, C; Maresch, D; Klausberger, M; Laurent, E; Stadler, M; Manhart, G; Huber, J; Hofner, M; Vierlinger, K; Weinhäusel, A [and 8 others] (2021): Impact of Specific N-Glycan Modifications on the Use of Plant-Produced SARS-CoV-2 Antigens in Serological Assays. Front Plant Sci. 2021; 12:747500
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** Shima, K; Kaufhold, I; Eder, T; Käding, N; Schmidt, N; Ogunsulire, IM; Deenen, R; Köhrer, K; Friedrich, D; Isay, SE; Grebien, F; Klinger, M; Richer, BC; Günther, UL; Deepe, GS [and 2 others] (2021): Regulation of the Mitochondrion-Fatty Acid Axis for the Metabolic Reprogramming of Chlamydia trachomatis during Treatment with β-Lactam Antimicrobials. mBio. 2021; 12(2):e00023-21
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** Terlecki-Zaniewicz, S; Humer, T; Eder, T; Schmoellerl, J; Heyes, E; Manhart, G; Kuchynka, N; Parapatics, K; Liberante, FG; Müller, AC; Tomazou, EM; Grebien, F (2021): Biomolecular condensation of NUP98 fusion proteins drives leukemogenic gene expression. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2021 28 (2) 190-+.

** Valent, P; Orfao, A; Kubicek, S; Staber, P; Haferlach, T; Deininger, M; Kollmann, K; Lion, T; Virgolini, I; Winter, G; Hantschel, O; Kenner, L; Zuber, J; Grebien, F; Moriggl, R [and 11 others] (2021): Precision Medicine in Hematology 2021: Definitions, Tools, Perspectives, and Open Questions. Hemasphere. 2021; 5(3):e536
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** van der Kouwe, E; Heller, G; Czibere, A; Pulikkan, JA; Agreiter, C; Castilla, LH; Delwel, R; Di Ruscio, A; Ebralidze, AK; Forte, M; Grebien, F; Heyes, E; Kazianka, L; Klinger, J; Kornauth, C [and 18 others] (2021): Core binding factor leukemia hijacks T-cell prone PU.1 antisense promoter. Blood. 2021; 138(15):1345-1358

** Wang, F; Shen, Y; Pei, H; Rausch, WD; Li, H (2021): Dissection of the mechanism of shenmayizhi decoction treatment of vascular dementia based on network pharmacology. Acta Medica Mediterranea 2021; 37: 2291-2302

Moldzio, R; Unterberger, A; Krewenka, C; Kranner, B; Radad, K (2021): Neuroprotective Effects of Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol against FeSO4- and H2O2-Induced Cell Damage on Dopaminergic Neurons in Primary Mesencephalic Cell Culture. Planta Medica International Open 2021; 8(03): e88-e95.
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Not published (not citable) presentations at scientific conferences (A3)

Eckhard, M; von Byern, J; Sombke, A; Voigtländer, K; Farkas, R; Wanninger, A; Miller, I (2021): An uncommon defense mechanism - A characterization of the glue in four different centipede species. 2nd Young Researcher Meeting Morphology; FEB 24-26, 2021; Vienna, Austria. 2021.

Eckhard, M; von Byern, J; Wanninger, A; Sombke, A; Voigtländer, K; Farkas, R; Miller, I (2021): Characterization of defensive secretions in centipedes. -4th International Conference on Biological and Biomimetic Adhesives; FEB 18-19, 2021; Aveiro, Portugal.

Greistorfer, S; von Byern, J; Miller, I; Farkas, R; Steiner, G (2021): The gland system of Latia neritoides (Gastropoda) in regard of its uniqe defence mechanism. 2nd Young Researcher Meeting Morphology; FEB 24-26, 2021; Vienna, Austria. 2021.

Greistorfer, S; von Byern, J; Miller, I; Ladurner, P; Farkas, R; Meyer-Rochow, B; Steiner, G (2021): Glowing mucus - Characterisation of the unique defence secretion of Latia neritoides (Gastropoda). 4th International Conference on Biological and Biomimetic Adhesives; FEB 18-19, 2021; Aveiro, Portugal. 2021.

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