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Journal Article

** Egerbacher, M; Gardner, K; Caballero, O; Hlavaty, J; Schlosser, S; Arnoczky, SP; Lavagnino, M (2022): Stress-deprivation induces an up-regulation of versican and connexin-43 mRNA and protein synthesis and increased ADAMTS-1 production in tendon cells in situ. Connect Tissue Res. 2022 63 (1) 43-52.

** Kabasser, S; Pratap, K; Kamath, S; Taki, AC; Dang, T; Koplin, J; Perrett, K; Hummel, K; Radauer, C; Breiteneder, H; Lopata, AL; Bublin, M (2022): Identification of vicilin, legumin and antimicrobial peptide 2a as macadamia nut allergens. Food Chem. 2022; 370:131028

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