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** = Publications listed in SCI/SSCI/Pubmed

Journal Article

** Brem, G (2019): Development and future of the use of animals for human nutrition. Zuchtungskunde. 2019; 91(1): 9-19.

** Dotsev, AV; Kunz, E; Shakhin, AV; Petrov, SN; Kostyunina, OV; Okhlopkov, IM; Deniskova, TE; Barbato, M; Bagirov, VA; Medvedev, DG; Krebs, S; Brem, G; Medugorac, I; Zinovieva, NA (2019): The first complete mitochondrial genomes of snow sheep (Ovis nivicola) and thinhorn sheep (Ovis dalli) and their phylogenetic implications for the genus Ovis. Mitochondrial DNA Part B: Resources 2019; 4: 1332-1333
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** Fages, A; Hanghøj, K; Khan, N; Gaunitz, C; Seguin-Orlando, A; Leonardi, M; McCrory Constantz, C; Gamba, C; Al-Rasheid, KAS; Albizuri, S; Alfarhan, AH; Allentoft, M; Alquraishi, S; Anthony, D; Baimukhanov, N [and 106 others] (2019): Tracking Five Millennia of Horse Management with Extensive Ancient Genome Time Series. Cell. 2019; 177(6):1419-1435.e31
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** Felkel, S; Vogl, C; Rigler, D; Dobretsberger, V; Chowdhary, BP; Distl, O; Fries, R; Jagannathan, V; Janečka, JE; Leeb, T; Lindgren, G; McCue, M; Metzger, J; Neuditschko, M; Rattei, T [and 10 others] (2019): The horse Y chromosome as an informative marker for tracing sire lines. Sci Rep. 2019; 9(1):6095
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** Felkel, S; Wallner, B; Chuluunbat, B; Yadamsuren, A; Faye, B; Brem, G; Walzer, C; Burger, PA (2019): A First Y-Chromosomal Haplotype Network to Investigate Male-Driven Population Dynamics in Domestic and Wild Bactrian Camels. Front Genet. 2019; 10:423
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** Gmel, AI; Druml, T; von Niederhäusern, R; Leeb, T; Neuditschko, M (2019): Genome-Wide Association Studies Based on Equine Joint Angle Measurements Reveal New QTL Affecting the Conformation of Horses. Genes (Basel). 2019; 10(5): 370
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** Grilz-Seger, G; Druml, T; Neuditschko, M; Dobretsberger, M; Horna, M; Brem, G (2019): High-resolution population structure and runs of homozygosity reveal the genetic architecture of complex traits in the Lipizzan horse. BMC Genomics. 2019; 20(1):174
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** Grilz-Seger, G; Druml, T; Neuditschko, M; Mesarič, M; Cotman, M; Brem, G (2019): Analysis of ROH patterns in the Noriker horse breed reveals signatures of selection for coat color and body size. Anim Genet. 2019; 50(4):334-346
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** Grilz-Seger, G; Neuditschko, M; Mesaric, M; Cotman, M; Brem, G; Druml, T (2019): Changes in breeding objectives of the Haflinger horse breed from a genomewide perspective Zuchtungskunde. 2019; 91(4): 296-311.

** Grilz-Seger, G; Neuditschko, M; Ricard, A; Velie, B; Lindgren, G; Mesarič, M; Cotman, M; Horna, M; Dobretsberger, M; Brem, G; Druml, T (2019): Genome-Wide Homozygosity Patterns and Evidence for Selection in a Set of European and Near Eastern Horse Breeds. Genes (Basel). 2019; 10(7):
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** Johnston, IG; Burgstaller, JP (2019): Evolving mtDNA populations within cells. Biochem Soc Trans. 2019; 47(5):1367-1382
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** Meszaros, G; Fornara, M; Reyer, H; Wimmers, K; Solkner, J; Brem, G; Sermyagin, A; Zinovieva, N (2019): Elevated haplotypes frequencies reveal similarities for selection signatures in Western and Russian Simmental populations. J Cent Eur Agric 20(1): 1-11.
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** Papp, SM; Fröhlich, T; Radefeld, K; Havlicek, V; Kösters, M; Yu, H; Mayrhofer, C; Brem, G; Arnold, GJ; Besenfelder, U (2019): A novel approach to study the bovine oviductal fluid proteome using transvaginal endoscopy. Theriogenology. 2019; 132:53-61

** Poulton, J; Steffann, J; Burgstaller, J; McFarland, R (2019): 243rd ENMC international workshop: Developing guidelines for management of reproductive options for families with maternally inherited mtDNA disease, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 22-24 March 2019. Neuromuscul Disord. 2019; 29(9):725-733

** Yu, H; Hackenbroch, L; Meyer, FRL; Reiser, J; Razzazi-Fazeli, E; Nöbauer, K; Besenfelder, U; Vogl, C; Brem, G; Mayrhofer, C (2019): Identification of Rabbit Oviductal Fluid Proteins Involved in Pre-Fertilization Processes by Quantitative Proteomics. Proteomics. 2019; 19(5):e1800319

** Yurchenko, AA; Deniskova, TE; Yudin, NS; Dotsev, AV; Khamiruev, TN; Selionova, MI; Egorov, SV; Reyer, H; Wimmers, K; Brem, G; Zinovieva, NA; Larkin, DM (2019): High-density genotyping reveals signatures of selection related to acclimation and economically important traits in 15 local sheep breeds from Russia. BMC Genomics 2019; 20: 294
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Published (citable) presentations at scientific conferences (A2)

Brodesser, DM; Walter, I; Tschulenk, W; Brandt, S; Brem, G; Trautinger, F; Burgstaller, JP (2019): Analysis Of DNA Content From Human Melanoma Cellline Derived Extracellular Vesicles. -9th Gene Quantification Event, qPCR dPCR & NGS 2019; MRZ 18-22, 2019; Freising, Germany.

Lürzel, S; Spiesberger, K; Patzl, M; Futschik, A; Waiblinger, S (2019): Effect of play behaviour on salivary immunoglobulin A in calves. 78--UFAW International Animal Welfare Science Symposium; JUL 3-4; Brügge, Belgium.

Not published (not citable) presentations at scientific conferences (A3)

Thonhauser, KE; Burgstaller, JP; Primus, J; Johnston, IG; Kolbe, T; Rülicke, T (2019): Does heteroplasmy affect sperm quality in mice? BoS.15 - BoS (Biology of Spermatozoa) ; 09.-13.09.2019; Nynäsgard, Sweden. 2019.

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