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** = Publications listed in SCI/SSCI/Pubmed

Journal Article

** Becciu, P; Menz, MHM; Aurbach, A; Cabrera-Cruz, SA; Wainwright, CE; Scacco, M; Ciach, M; Pettersson, LB; Maggini, I; Arroyo, GM; Buler, JJ; Reynolds, DR; Sapir, N (2019): Environmental effects on flying migrants revealed by radar. Ecography 2019; 42: 942-955
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** Bieber, C; Rauchenschwandtner, E; Michel, V; Suchentrunk, F; Smith, S; Vetter, SG (2019): Forming a group in the absence of adult females? Social Networks in yearling wild boars. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 2019; 217: 21-27

** Brucks, D; Marshall-Pescini, S; Range, F (2019): Dogs and wolves do not differ in their inhibitory control abilities in a non-social test battery. Anim Cogn. 2019; 22(1):1-15
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** Cimarelli, G; Marshall-Pescini, S; Range, F; Virányi, Z (2019): Pet dogs" relationships vary rather individually than according to partner"s species. Sci Rep. 2019; 9(1):3437
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** Cunha-Saraiva, F; Balshine, S; Gozdowska, M; Kulczykowska, E; Wagner, RH; Schaedelin, FC (2019): Parental care and neuropeptide dynamics in a cichlid fish Neolamprologus caudopunctatus. Horm Behav. 2019; 104576
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** Dale, R; Despraz, MN; Marshall-Pescini, S; Range, F (2019): Piloting a new prosociality paradigm in dogs and wolves: The location choice task. Behav Processes. 2019; 162:79-85

** Dale, R; Palma-Jacinto, S; Marshall-Pescini, S; Range, F (2019): Wolves, but not dogs, are prosocial in a touch screen task. PLoS One. 2019; 14(5):e0215444
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** Ferretti, A; Rattenborg, NC; Ruf, T; McWilliams, SR; Cardinale, M; Fusani, L (2019): Sleeping Unsafely Tucked in to Conserve Energy in a Nocturnal Migratory Songbird. Curr Biol. 2019; 29(16):2766-2772.e4
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** Fracasso, G; Tuliozi, B; Hoi, H; Griggio, M (2019): Can house sparrows recognize familiar or kin-related individuals by scent? Curr Zool. 2019; 65(1):53-59
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** Hoi, H; Darolová, A; Krištofík, J; Poláček, M; Majtán, J; Zeman, M; Okuliarová, M; Turčoková, L; Knauer, F (2019): Covariation between eggshell colouration and eggshell bacteria abundance and egg characteristics in blackbirds. Ethology Ecology and Evolution 31(3): 249-265.

** Huber, N; Marasco, V; Painer, J; Vetter, SG; Göritz, F; Kaczensky, P; Walzer, C (2019): Leukocyte Coping Capacity: An Integrative Parameter for Wildlife Welfare Within Conservation Interventions. Front Vet Sci. 2019; 6:105
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** Lazzaroni, M; Range, F; Bernasconi, L; Darc, L; Holtsch, M; Massimei, R; Rao, A; Marshall-Pescini, S (2019): The role of life experience in affecting persistence: A comparative study between free-ranging dogs, pet dogs and captive pack dogs. PLoS One. 2019; 14(4):e0214806
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** Marasco, V; Boner, W; Griffiths, K; Heidinger, B; Monaghan, P (2019): Intergenerational effects on offspring telomere length: interactions among maternal age, stress exposure and offspring sex. Proc Biol Sci. 2019; 286(1912):20191845

** McGetrick, J; Ausserwöger, S; Leidinger, I; Attar, C; Range, F (2019): A Shared Food Source Is Not Necessary to Elicit Inequity Aversion in Dogs. Front Psychol. 2019; 10:413
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** Mitoyen, C; Quigley, C; Fusani, L (2019): Evolution and function of multimodal courtship displays. Ethology. 2019; 125(8):503-515
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** Nebel, C; Kadletz, K; Gamauf, A; Haring, E; Sackl, P; Tiefenbach, M; Winkler, H; Zachos, FE (2019): Witnessing extinction: Population genetics of the last European Rollers (Coracias garrulus) in Austria and a first phylogeographic analysis of the species across its distribution range. Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research 57(2): 461-475.

** Nowack, J; Tarmann, I; Hoelzl, F; Smith, S; Giroud, S; Ruf, T (2019): Always a price to pay: hibernation at low temperatures comes with a trade-off between energy savings and telomere damage. Biol Lett. 2019; 15(10):20190466

** Nowack, J; Vetter, SG; Stalder, G; Painer, J; Kral, M; Smith, S; Le, MH; Jurcevic, P; Bieber, C; Arnold, W; Ruf, T (2019): Muscle nonshivering thermogenesis in a feral mammal. Sci Rep. 2019; 9(1):6378
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** Pineaux, M; Blanchard, P; Danchin, E; Hatch, SA; Helfenstein, F; Mulard, H; White, J; Leclaire, S; Wagner, RH (2019): Behavioural avoidance of sperm ageing depends on genetic similarity of mates in a monogamous seabird. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 2019; 128: 170-180

** Range, F; Marshall-Pescini, S; Kratz, C; Virányi, Z (2019): Wolves lead and dogs follow, but they both cooperate with humans. Sci Rep. 2019; 9(1):3796
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** Schaebs, FS; Marshall-Pescini, S; Range, F; Deschner, T (2019): Analytical validation of an Enzyme Immunoassay for the measurement of urinary oxytocin in dogs and wolves. Gen Comp Endocrinol. 2019; 281:73-82

** Schülke, O; Ostner, J; Berghänel, A (2019): Prenatal maternal stress effects on the development of primate social behavior. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 2019; 73: 128

** Stalder, GL; Pinior, B; Zwirzitz, B; Loncaric, I; Jakupović, D; Vetter, SG; Smith, S; Posautz, A; Hoelzl, F; Wagner, M; Hoffmann, D; Kübber-Heiss, A; Mann, E (2019): Gut microbiota of the European Brown Hare (Lepus europaeus). Sci Rep. 2019; 9(1):2738
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** Sturgis, BE; Aispuro, AA; Vulinec, K (2019): Variation in Deuterium Levels of Non-Migratory Eptesicus fuscus (Big Brown Bat) along the Delmarva Peninsula. Northeastern Naturalist 2019; 26: 202-213

** Szöllősi, E; Tóth, Z; Mahr, K; Hoi, H; Lendvai, ÁZ (2019): Extremely low malaria prevalence in a wetland specialist passerine. Parasitology. 2019; 1-27
[Article in Press]

** Thonhauser, KE; Raffetzeder, A; Penn, DJ (2019): Sexual experience has no effect on male mating or reproductive success in house mice. Sci Rep. 2019; 9(1):12145
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** Thoß, M; Luzynski, KC; Enk, VM; Razzazi-Fazeli, E; Kwak, J; Ortner, I; Penn, DJ (2019): Regulation of volatile and non-volatile pheromone attractants depends upon male social status. Sci Rep. 2019; 9(1):489
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** Üveges, B; Szederkényi, M; Mahr, K; Móricz, ÁM; Krüzselyi, D; Bókony, V; Hoi, H; Hettyey, A (2019): Chemical defense of toad tadpoles under risk by four predator species. Ecol Evol. 2019; 9(11):6287-6299
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** Van Dongen, WFD; White, J; Brandl, HB; Leclaire, S; Hatch, SA; Danchin, E; Wagner, RH (2019): Experimental evidence of a sexually transmitted infection in a wild vertebrate, the black-legged kittiwake (Rissa tridactyla). Biol J Linn Soc. 2019; 127(2): 292-298.

Marcolli, G; Maggini, I (2019): Turteltauben Streptopelia turtur folgen während des Herbstzugseinem Schiff über den Atlantischen Ozean. Der ornithologische Beobachter 2019; 116: 50-52.

Published (citable) presentations at scientific conferences (A2)

Battisti, E; Urach, K; Hodzic, A; Fusani, L; Hufnagl, P; Felsberger, G; Ferroglio, E; Duscher, G (2019): Zoonotic pathogens in ticks from migratory birds, Italy. 27-27.-Conference on Tropial Medicine and Global Health; APR 4-6, 2019; Munich, Germany.

Huber, N; Canoine, V; Cornils, J; Maggini, I; Cardinale, M; Ruf, T; Fusani, L (2019): Stress coping capacity during migration in an Old World warbler. -12th Conference of the European Ornithologists’ Union; AUG 26-30, 2019; Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Maggini, I (2019): Evaporative water loss as a determinant of stopover strategies in spring migrants during desert crossing. -12th Conference of the European Ornithologists’ Union; AUG 26-30, 2019; Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Marasco, V; Smith, S; Fusani, L (2019): From genes to behaviour: a functional genomic approach to study phenotypic flexibility of migratory birds. 55-56.-12th European Ornithologists’ Union Congress (EOU2019); August 26-30, 2019; Cluj Napoca, Romania.
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McGetrick, J; Korath, ADJ; Feitsch, R; Siegmann, S; Range, F (2019): Dogs’ responses in inequity paradigms may be driven by perceptions of reward attainability. -6th European Student Conference on Behaviour and Cognition; SEP 4-7, 2019; Padua, Italy.

McGetrick, J; Korath, ADJ; Feitsch, R; Siegmann, S; Range F (2019): Perceived reward attainability contributes to dogs’ responses in inequity paradigms. -Behaviour 2019; JUL 23-27, 2019; Chicago, United States (USA).

Messina, S; Edwards, DP; Marasco, V; Canoine, V; Benedick, M; Tomassi, S; Eens; Costantini, D (2019): Adaptive physiological response of tropical birds to selective logging. -ATBC-Asia Pacific Chapter Meeting - 2019; September 10-13; Thulhiriya, Sri Lanka.

Messina, S; Edwards, DP; Marasco, V; Canoine, V; Cosset, CP; Tomassi, S; Benedick, S; Eens, M; Costantini, D (2019): Adaptive physiological response of understory birds to selective logging: feather corticosterone as biomarker of environmental changes. -Society of Experimental Biology 2019; July 2-5, 2019; Seville, Spain.

Penn, DJ; Számadó, S (2019): The History of the Handicap Principle. -ASAB Summer 2019; AUG 26-28, 2019; Konstanz, Germany.

Poncet, L; McGetrick, J; Range, F (2019): Dogs do not show reciprocity toward humans. -Colloque de la Société Française pour l'Etude du Comportement Animal.; JUN 11-14, 2019; Lille, France.

Wirobski, G; Range, F; Schaebs, FS; Deschner, T; Marshall-Pescini, S (2019): Dogs’ and wolves’ urinary oxytocin levels following social interactions with human partners. -World Congress on Neurohypophysial Hormones; April 8-11, 2019; Ein Gedi, Israel.

Not published (not citable) presentations at scientific conferences (A3)

Four-Chamboussant, A; Sente, B; Smith, S; Giroud S (2019): Effects of huddling and food availability on torpor use and telomeres dynamics in juvenile garden dormice before and during hibernation. The Society for Experimental Biology (SEB); JUL 2-5, 2019; Seville, Spain. 2019.

Hloch, A (2019): Ausbildungskonzept und Datenmanagement. BeringerInnen-Tagung 2019; FEB 16, 2019; Salzburg, Austria. 2019.

Luzynski, K (2019): Relationships between social status and pheromone attractants in wild mice. 5th International Mouse Meeting; JUNE 24, 2019; Brno, Czech Republic. 2019.

Maggini, I (2019): Singvogelzug durch die Sahara. BeringerInnen-Tagung 2019; FEB 16, 2019; Salzburg, Austria. 2019.

Maggini, I (2019): Sinvogelzug durch die Sahara. 4. BeringerInnen-Treffen; FEB 16, 2019; Salzburg, Austria. 2019.

Maggini, I (2019): Dealing with dehydration during desert stopovers. MLSG Symposium, EOU 2019; AUG 24-25, 2019; Cluj-Napoca, Romania. 2019.

Maggini I (2019): Automatisierte Radiotelemetrie und Zugvogelforschung. 8. Anwendertreffen GIS in Nationalen Naturlandschaften; SEP 26-28, 2019; Mallnitz, Austria. 2019.

Marconi, MA; Reitschmidt, D; Abbasi, R; Penn, DJ; Zala, SM (2019): Do ultrasonic vocalizations of wild house mice contain individual signatures? 5th International Mouse Meeting; JUNE 24, 2019; Brno, Czech Republic. 2019.

Nowack, J; Tarmann, I; Hoelzl, F; Smith, S; Giroud, S; Ruf T (2019): Implications of warming winter temperatures on hibernation pattern and telomere dynamic of fat-storing hibernators. The Society for Experimental Biology (SEB); JUL 2-5, 2019; Seville, Spain. 2019.

Penn, DJ (2019): Chemical signals and sexual selection. Micobion Workshop, BIOCEV group, Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science; JUNE 3, 2019; Prague, Czech Republic. 2019.

Penn, DJ (2019): Diversity of major urinary proteins. 5th International Mouse Meeting; JUNE 24, 2019; Brno, Czech Republic. 2019.

Ragger, MT; Giroud, S; Hölzl, F; Smith, S; Nowack, J; Ruf T (2019): The influence of temperature on feeding behaviour and telomere dynamics in hibernating garden dormice. The Society for Experimental Biology (SEB); JUL 2-5, 2019; Seville, Spain. 2019.

Reitschmidt, D; Marconi, MA; Zala, SM; Penn, DJ (2019): Do ultrasonic vocalizations during courtship predict reproductive success in house mice? 5th International Mouse Meeting; JUNE 23-25, 2019; Brno, Czech Republic. 2019.

Vogl, W (2019): Allgemeines, Monitoringprogramme und Jahresbericht der Österreichischen Vogelwarte. BeringerInnen-Tagung 2019; FEB 16, 2019; Salzburg, Austria. 2019.

Other Publications

Dale, R; Lazzaroni, M; Baxter, E; Gratalon, J; Marshall-Pescini, S; Range, F (2019): Interactions between free-ranging dogs and humans in Morocco; do all dogs understand humans? Toulouse, Open Access Logo

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