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Comparative Cognition

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** = Publications listed in SCI/SSCI/Pubmed

** Altschul, DM; Beran, MJ; Bohn, M; Call, J; DeTroy, S; Duguid, SJ; Egelkamp, CL; Fichtel, C; Fischer, J; Flessert, M; Hanus, D; Haun, DBM; Haux, LM; Hernandez-Aguilar, RA; Herrmann, E [and 16 others] (2019): Establishing an infrastructure for collaboration in primate cognition research. PLoS One. 2019; 14(10):e0223675
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Auersperg, AMI (2019): Flexible Tool use and Manufacture in the Goffin’s Cockatoo. -Ecology & Behaviour 2019; MAY 19-24 , 2019; Toulouse, France.

Auersperg, AMI (2019): Innovative problem solving and tool use in the Goffin’s Cockatoo. ACBC 2019 Animal Behaviour and Cognition Consortium; JUN 17-19, 2019; Vienna, Austria. 2019.

** Auersperg, AMI; Von, Bayern, AMP (2019): Who's a clever bird-now? A brief history of parrot cognition. Behaviour 2019; 156: 391-407
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** Beinhauer, I; Bugnyar, T; Auersperg, AMI (2019): Prospective but not retrospective tool selection in the Goffin's cockatoo (Cacatua goffiniana). Behaviour 2019; 156: 633-659

** Brucks, D; Marshall-Pescini, S; Range, F (2019): Dogs and wolves do not differ in their inhibitory control abilities in a non-social test battery. Anim Cogn. 2019; 22(1):1-15
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** Cimarelli, G; Marshall-Pescini, S; Range, F; Virányi, Z (2019): Pet dogs" relationships vary rather individually than according to partner"s species. Sci Rep. 2019; 9(1):3437
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Civelek, Z; Völter, C; Seed, A (2019): Do preschoolers and capuchin monkeys infer causes or learn associations? 53--ASAB Konstanz Summer Conference; AUG 26-28, 2019; Konstanz, Germany.

** Dale, R; Despraz, MN; Marshall-Pescini, S; Range, F (2019): Piloting a new prosociality paradigm in dogs and wolves: The location choice task. Behav Processes. 2019; 162:79-85

Dillenseger, G; Schwing, R; Wein, A. (2019): Allofeeding of fledglings in aterritorial breeding parrot: aninteresting case of altruism Ecology and Behaviour 2019; MAY 19-24, 2019; Toulouse, France. 2019.

Felsche, E; Stevens, P; Völter, CJ; Buchsbaum, D; Seed, A (2019): Exploring the use of overhypotheses by children and capuchin monkeys. 1731-1737.-The Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society; July 24-27, 2019; Montreal, Canada.

** Fouilloux, C; Ringler, E; Rojas, B (2019): Cannibalism. Curr Biol. 2019; 29(24):R1295-R1297

** Fuxjäger, L; Wanzenböck, S; Ringler, E; Wegner, KM; Ahnelt, H; Shama, LNS (2019): Within-generation and transgenerational plasticity of mate choice in oceanic stickleback under climate change. Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. 2019; 374(1768):20180183

Grimm, H; Weich, K; Viranyi, Z (2019): Verhalten als Aspekt medizinischer Indikation und Legitimation. VÖK Seminar Basisausbildung Verhaltensmedizin Modul 3; APR 6-7, 2019; St. Ulrich, Austria. 2019.

Huber, L (2019): Innovative tool use and manufacture in the Goffin's cockatoo. University of Lincoln; JUN 12, 2019; Lincoln, United Kingdom. 2019.

Huber, L (2019): Die Anthropologische Differenz. Philosophisch-theologisch-biologisches Seminar "Was ist der Mensch?", Bildungshaus Stift Zwettl; NOV 22, 2019; Zwettl, Austria. 2019.

Huber, L (2019): Animal consciousness: new evidence or old wine in new skins? CogEvo Conference; JUL 10-13, 2019; Rovereto, Italy. 2019.

Huber, L (2019): Deconstructing the Animal Mind. Institutskolloquium (Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin); MAY 16; Berlin, Germany. 2019.

Huber, L (2019): Behavioral flexibility and ecological stubbornness in kea. tbc; MAR 20,2019; Bogor, Indonesia. 2019.

Huber, L; Salobir, K (2019): The imitation game. Conference of the Comparative Cognition Society (CO3); APR 10-14; Melbourne Beach, United States (USA). 2019.

Karl, S (2019): Tägliches Training für Therapiebegleithunde. Kyntegra 2019; Nov 23-24, 2019; vetmeduni Vienna, Austria. 2019.

Karl, S (2019): Training pet dogs to investigate their cognitive abilities by using different methods. 14-14.-3rd Animal Training Methods Conference; Nov 15-17, 2019; Warschau, Poland.

Karl, S (2019): Hundetraining zur Untersuchung der kognitiven Fähigkeiten von Hunden mit verschiedenen Methoden. Ausbildungsmodul Hundetrainer - Tiere helfen Leben; Dec 5, 2019; Vienna, Austria. 2019.

Karl, S; Boch, M; Lamm, C; Huber, L (2019): Who do you prefer? Investigating the human-dog attachmentsystem in pet dogs. 41-41.-6th European Student Conference on Behaviour & Cognition; SEPT 4-7, 2019; Padua, Italy.

** Kis, A; Oliva, JL; Virányi, Z; Topál, J (2019): Editorial: Oxytocin and Social Behaviour in Dogs and Other (Self-)Domesticated Species: Methodological Caveats and Promising Perspectives. Front Psychol. 2019; 10:732
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** Laumer, IB; Auersperg, AMI; Bugnyar, T; Call, J (2019): Orangutans (Pongo abelii) make flexible decisions relative to reward quality and tool functionality in a multi-dimensional tool-use task. PLoS One. 2019; 14(2):e0211031
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Lipka, D; Bräuer, R; Buwla, E; Baumgartner, J; Wondrak, M (2019): 1 zu 0 für die Schweine. Ein Schulfilm über das Verhalten und die Intelligenz von Schweinen. Wien, Tierschutz macht Schule,

Marshall, S, Lazzaroni, M, Russignan, M, Cafazzo, S (2019): Pet, randagi, lupi e il cane? Pet, randagi, lupi e il cane?; NOV 16-17, 2019; Milan, Italy. 2019.

** McGetrick, J; Ausserwöger, S; Leidinger, I; Attar, C; Range, F (2019): A Shared Food Source Is Not Necessary to Elicit Inequity Aversion in Dogs. Front Psychol. 2019; 10:413
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Monsó, S; Osuna-Mascaró, AJ (2019): The emergence of the concept of death in nature. Site visit des Messerli Stiftungsrates; NOV 8, 2019; Vienna, Austria. 2019.

** O'Hara, M; Mioduszewska, B; Haryoko, T; Prawiradilaga, DM; Huber, L; Auersperg, A (2019): Extraction without tooling around-The first comprehensive description of the foraging- and socio-ecology of wild Goffin's cockatoos (Cacatua goffiniana). Behaviour 2019; 156: 661-690
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** Park, SY; Bacelar, CE; Holmqvist, K (2019): Dog eye movements are slower than human eye movements. J Eye Movement Res. 2019; 12(8): 4
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Peignier, M; Chalupka, S; Dellefont, K; Canoine, V; Araya-Ajoy, Y; Blumstein, D; Ringler, E (2019): Frogonality: The Interplay Between Animal Personality And Sexual Selection In Poison Frogs. 262--XX European Congress of Herpetology; SEP 2-6, 2019; Milano, Italy. (ISBN: 979-12-200-5284-9 )

** Peignier, M; Pokorny, T; Heinze, J; Lindgren, R; Helanterä, H; Schultner, E (2019): Honesty of Larval Begging Signals Covaries With Colony Kin Structure in Formica Ants. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 2019; 7: 398
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** Range, F; Marshall-Pescini, S; Kratz, C; Virányi, Z (2019): Wolves lead and dogs follow, but they both cooperate with humans. Sci Rep. 2019; 9(1):3796
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Ringler, E (2019): Parental decision-making in poison frogs. -IEB seminar at the University of Edinburgh; JAN 23, 2019; Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Ringler, E (2019): Parental decision‐making in poison frogs. -ASAB Easter Meeting; APR 3-5, 2019; York, United Kingdom.

Ringler, E; Coates, M; Cobo-Cuan, A; Harris, NG; Narins, PM (2019): Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging As Novel Tool To Study Anuran Cognition? 124--XX European Congress of Herpetology; SEP 2-6, 2019; Milano, Italy. (ISBN: 979-12-200-5284-9 )

** Ringler, E; Coates, M; Cobo-Cuan, A; Harris, NG; Narins, PM (2019): MEMRI for visualizing brain activity after auditory stimulation in frogs. Behav Neurosci. 2019; 133(3):329-340

Ringler, E; Spring, S; Lehner, M; Weinlein, S; Beck, KB; Huber, L; Ringler, M (2019): Clutch cannibalism by adult poison frogs. 78--XX European Congress of Herpetology; SEP 2-6, 2019; Milano, Italy. (ISBN: 979-12-200-5284-9 )

Ringler, M; Pasukonis, A; Ringler, E (2019): Compost Dwellers: Strategic Feeding And Use Of Indirect Cues In Actively Foraging Poison Frogs. 79--XX European Congress of Herpetology; SEP 2-6, 2019; Mailand, Italy. (ISBN: 979-12-200-5284-9 )

** Sanchez, E; Rodríguez, A; Grau, JH; Lötters, S; Künzel, S; Saporito, RA; Ringler, E; Schulz, S; Wollenberg Valero, KC; Vences, M (2019): Transcriptomic Signatures of Experimental Alkaloid Consumption in a Poison Frog. Genes (Basel). 2019; 10(10):733
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Schwing, R (2019): Geheimnis Gefühle: Woher kommen sie? Warum brauchen wir sie? Animalicum; MAR 22-23, 2019; Bregenz, Austria. 2019.

** Schwing, R; Weiss, F; Tichy, A; Gajdon, G (2019): Testing the causal understanding of water displacement by kea (Nestor notabilis). Behaviour 2019; 156: 447-478

** Spring, S; Lehner, M; Huber, L; Ringler, E (2019): Oviposition and father presence reduce clutch cannibalism by female poison frogs. Front Zool. 2019; 16:8
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** Stückler, S; Ringler, M; Pasukonis, A; Weinlein, S; Hödl, W; Ringler, E (2019): Spatio-Temporal Characteristics of the Prolonged Courtship in Brilliant-Thighed Poison Frogs, Allobates femoralis. Herpetologica. 2019; 75(4): 268-279.

** Tennie, C; Völter, CJ; Vonau, V; Hanus, D; Call, J; Tomasello, M (2019): Chimpanzees use observed temporal directionality to learn novel causal relations. Primates. 2019; 60(6):517-524
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** Van Buuren, M; Auersperg, A; Gajdon, G; Tebbich, S; Von, Bayern, A (2019): No evidence of mirror self-recognition in keas and Goffin's cockatoos. Behaviour 2019; 156: 763-786

Virányi, Zs (2019): Woher kommt der Hund und wie weit ist er gegangen? Die soziale Intelligenz des Hundes, im Vergleich zum Wolf und Kind (Vortrag 1); Kommunikation zwischen Hund und Mensch: Zeichen, Signale und Beziehungen (Vortrag 2) SOS Hundeseelen Seminar; NOV 23, 2019; Gossau, Switzerland. 2019.

Völter, CJ; Many Primates (2019): The ManyPrimates Project: Establishing an infrastructure for collaboration inprimate cognition research ASAB Summer 2019; AUG 26-28, 2019; Konstanz, Germany. 2019.

** Völter, CJ; Mundry, R; Call, J; Seed, AM (2019): Chimpanzees flexibly update working memory contents and show susceptibility to distraction in the self-ordered search task. Proc Biol Sci. 2019; 286(1907):20190715

Wetzels, SU; Pinior, B; Strachan, C; Mann, E; Virányi, Z; Burgener, I (2019): The microbial community of humans, dogs, and wolves sharing the same environment. 3rd Symposium on Comparative Medicine; JAN 31 - FEB 1, 2019; University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Austria. 2019.

Wondrak, M (2019): Unterschätztes Hausschwein. Vortragsreihe des VGT; Jan 23, 2019; Wien, Austria. 2019.

Wondrak, M; Bock, V; Huber, L (2019): Who is a happy pig? Does social status influence decision making in a cognitive bias task? European Student Conference for Biology and Cognition; SEPT 4-7, 2019; Padua, Italy. 2019.

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