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** = Publications listed in SCI/SSCI/Pubmed

Journal Article

** Aispuro, AA; MacHowetz, C; Illa, M; Gargallo, G; Maggini, I (2020): Woodchat Shrike Lanius senator Predation on Migrating Songbirds during a Trans-Saharan Stopover. Ardeola 2020; 67: 93-99

** Hansen, E; Huber, N; Bustnes, JO; Herzke, D; Bårdsen, BJ; Eulaers, I; Johnsen, TV; Bourgeon, S (2020): A novel use of the leukocyte coping capacity assay to assess the immunomodulatory effects of organohalogenated contaminants in avian wildlife. Environ Int. 2020; 142:105861
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** Huber, N; Canoine, V; Cornils, JS; Maggini, I; Cardinale, M; Ruf, T; Fusani, L (2020): Leukocyte coping capacity as a complementary stress metric in migrating birds. J Ornithol. 2020 161 (3) 909-913.
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** Maggini, I; Trez, M; Cardinale, M; Fusani, L (2020): Stopover dynamics of 12 passerine migrant species in a small Mediterranean island during spring migration. J Ornithol. 2020 161 (3) 793-802.
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** Messina, S; Edwards, DP; Marasco, V; Canoine, V; Cosset, CCP; Tomassi, S; Benedick, S; Eens, M; Costantini, D (2020): Glucocorticoids link forest type to local abundance in tropical birds. Funct Ecol. 2020; [Early View]
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** Zaccaroni, M; Massolo, A; Beani, L; Seta, DD; Farabollini, F; Giannelli, G; Fusani, L; Dessì-Fulgheri, F (2020): Developmental exposure to low levels of ethinylestradiol affects social play in juvenile male rats. Toxicological Research 2020;
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Not published (not citable) presentations at scientific conferences (A3)

Janisch, J; Perinot, E; Fusani, L (2020): New Approaches for the 3D capture and analysis of courtship displays. 15. Annual Meeting of the Ethological Society Tübingen; FEB 18-21, 2020; Tübingen, Germany. 2020.

Project Report

Hohenegger, J; Zink, R (2020): Aufwind für den Sakerfalken - Sakerfalkenschutz im Leitungsnetz der ÖBB. Wien, Vetmeduni, pp. 15.

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