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Journal Article

** Monti, F; Duriez, O; Arnal, V; Dominici, JM; Sforzi, A; Fusani, L; Grémillet, D; Montgelard, C (2015): Being cosmopolitan: evolutionary history and phylogeography of a specialized raptor, the Osprey Pandion haliaetus. BMC Evol Biol. 2015; 15:255
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** Soldatini, C; Albores-Barajas, YV; Tagliavia, M; Massa, B; Fusani, L; Canoine, V (2015): Effects of human disturbance on cave-nesting seabirds: the case of the storm petrel. Conserv Physiol (3) cov041 .
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Not published (not citable) presentations at scientific conferences (A3)

Fusani, L (2015): Physiology of bird migration: recent advances and future perspectives. Annual meeting of the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover Foundation; NOV 27, 2015; Hannover, GERMANY. 2015.

Fusani, L (2015): Behavioural physiology in the field: The realm of uncontrolled conditions. Studying Animal Behaviour in the Field - Ethologische Gesellschaft, Deutsche Zoologische Gesellschaft, University of Vienna; SEP 18, 2015; Grünau, AUSTRIA. 2015.

Fusani, L (2015): Die Österreichische Vogelwarte und ihre Forschungsprojekte. Eröffnung der Außenstelle der Österreichischen Vogelwarte; NOV 05, 2015; Seebarn, AUSTRIA. 2015.

Fusani, L (2015): How hormones control behaviour: Examples from avian courtship. Cognition and Communication Student Workshop; JUNE 2-4, 2015; Vienna, AUSTRIA. 2015.

Maggini, I (2015): Population- and species-specific strategies of songbird migration. Seminar at the Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology, University of Haifa; NOV 30, 2015; Haifa, ISRAEL. 2015.

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