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Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology

Univ.-Prof. PhD. Leonida Fusani
Savoyenstra├če 1
1160 Wien
Tel: ++43-1-25077-7900

Associated Unit/s
Conservation Medicine

Mission Statement

The central task of the Research Institute of Wildlife and Ecology is to explore the needs and behavior of wild animals in ecological contexts, so to create the scientific basis for effective natural, animal and environmental protection, for a nature-oriented agriculture, forestry, hunting and land use.

The institute researches the long-term, interdisciplinary and cross at different levels: individuals, populations, ecosystems. The methods used are varied, from simple observation to detailed chemical, molecular biology and mathematical modeling.

On the basis of sound research results are developed practical approaches and solutions to wildlife in the landscape often used to secure livelihoods, and conflicts of interest and problems with wildlife as possible.

Work areas: basic and applied research in agricultural and forested landscape, urban areas and nature reserves.

Services for public and private bodies, such as consulting, environmental and veterinary advice, training seminars.

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