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Kennung: VIR

Institute of Virology

Univ.-Prof. Hans Tillmann Rümenapf
Veterinärplatz 1
1210 Wien
Tel: ++43-1-25077-2301

Mission Statement

The Institute will be both basic and applied medical research. Research priorities include being mainly on the following areas: characterization and epidemiology of veterinary medically relevant viruses, viral gene regulation, virus-host interactions and the use of viruses as a prophylactic and therapeutic agent. In particular, while studies on the viral life cycle, to viral Pathogenitätsmechanismen and on the prevalence of viruses undertaken. Furthermore, the use of recombinant viruses as well as vaccination vectors as a gene transfer vehicle for the treatment of diseases investigated. Relevant models for such diseases are well established at the Institute. Thus, the success of treatments, with the expression of immunologically or therapeutically relevant genes are linked, to be reviewed. Employees of the institute have, through their research activities, the knowledge in those scientific fields develop scientific cooperation with domestic and non-university institutions to maintain and further expand.
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