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Monso Gil Susana,

Beiträge für wissenschaftliche Veranstaltungen


Monsó, S (2020): ¿Entienden la muerte los animales? Seminario sobre conceptos, lenguaje y cognición; OCT 19, 2020; Córdoba, Argentina. 2020.

Monsó, S (2020): The concept of death and the ethics of killing animals SSEA virtual talk series; NOV 16, 2020; Texas, United States (USA). 2020.

Monsó, S (2020): The concept of death and the ethics of killing animals BOKU seminar; JUL 9, 2020; Vienna, Austria. 2020.

Benz-Schwarzburg, J; Andrews, K; Botero, M; Monsó, S; Wrage, B (2019): Can animals be moral? Assessing conceptual challenges and ethical implications. A9-A12.-EurSafe 2019; SEP 18–21, 2019; Tampere, Finland. (ISBN: 978-90-8686-341-9 )

Benz-Schwarzburg, J; Monsó, S; Wrage, B (2019): Morality in animals, the case of grief and the role of touch. Workshop Grimm-Wild 2019; MAY 6, 2019; Vetmeduni Vienna, Austria. 2019.

Monsó, S (2019): Is predation necessarily amoral? Ethics and Ecology workshop, 42nd International Wittgenstein Symposium; August 7-9, 2019; Kirchberg am Wechsel, Austria. 2019.

Monsó, S (2019): The concept of death and the ethics of killing animals. Vetsuisse Public Health Conference; NOV 28, 2019; Bern, Switzerland. 2019.

Monsó, S (2019): How to tell if animals can understand death. Ninth meeting of the Spanish Society for Analytic Philosophy; NOV 21-23, 2019; Valencia, Spain. 2019.

Monsó, S; Benz-Schwarzburg, J (2019): Must animal lives be meaningless? Meaning in Life and the Meaning of Life; JUN 16-19, 2019; Graz, Austria. 2019.

Monsó, S; Benz-Schwarzburg, J (2019): Prosociality and meaning in the lives of animals. Animal minds & animal ethics: Across species, across disciplines; SEP 23, 2019; Vienna, Austria. 2019.

Monsó, S (2018): Why insect sentience might not matter very much 375-380.-EurSafe Congress 2018; JUNI 13-16, 2018; Vienna, Austria.

Monsó, S (2018): Commentary on Varner's 'Personhood, Ethics, and Animal Cognition'. 15th Conference of the International Society for Utilitarian Studies; Juli 24-26, 2018; Karlsruhe, Germany. 2018.

Monsó, S (2018): Animals and the concept of death Eighth Philosophy of Biology and Cognitive Sciences Research Workshop; MAI 3-4, 2018; Madrid, Spain. 2018.

Monsó, S (2017): Animal intelligences. Hypernormal Hybrids; 10.11.2017; Vienna, Austria. 2017.

Monsó, S; Benz-Schwarzburg, J; Huber, A (2016): The ethical importance of being a moral subject. Ethical theories and the animal issue: between science and philosophy; JUN 16-17, 2016; Milan, ITALY. 2016.


Pali-Schöll, I; Monsó, S; Meinlschmidt, P; Purschke, B; Hofstetter, G; Einhorn, L; Mothes-Luksch, N; Jensen-Jarolim, E; Jäger, H (2018): Edible insects in food and feed – far from being well characterized – step 1: a look at allergenicity and ethical aspects. 520-525.-EurSafe 2018; JUN 13-16, 2018; Vienna, Austria.

Poster mit Vortrag

Monsó, S; Osuna-Mascaró, AJ (2019): The emergence of the concept of death in nature. Site visit des Messerli Stiftungsrates; NOV 8, 2019; Vienna, Austria. 2019.

Benz-Schwarzburg, J; Monsó, S; Wrage, B (2018): Morality in animals: What it means and why it matters -Messerli Retreat 2018; NOV 29-30, 2018; Baden, Austria.

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