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Moodley Yoshan,

Beiträge für wissenschaftliche Veranstaltungen


Moodley, Y (2014): Comparative phylogeography of African rhinoceros species suggests vastly different evolutionary histories. 67-67.-107th Annual meeting of the German Zoological Society; SEP 11-14, 2014; Göttingen, GERMANY, Germany. OP-EB-06;

Lukasch, B; Westerdahl, H; Moodley, Y; Winkler, H; Hoi, H (2013): The influence of MHC on fertility successs in house sparrows (Passer domesticus). 506--XIV Congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology; AUG 19-24, 2013; Lisbon, PORTUGAL.

Moodley, Y; Bertheau, C; Stauffer, C (2012): Wie wird Migration mit Hilfe genetischer Marker abgeschätzt?. Symposia; MAR 05, 2012; Stift Schlägl, AUSTRIA. 2012.

Nell, S; Eibach, D; Montano, V; Nkwesheu, A; Maady, A; Linz, B; Moodley, Y; Achtman, M; Suerbaum, S (2012): Population structure of Helicobacter pylori among ethnic groups in Cameroon. 64th Annual Meeting of the German-Society-for-Hygiene-and-Microbiology (DGHM), Hamburg, GERMANY, SEP 30 - OCT 03, 2012. Int J Med Microbiol (302), S1 116-116.

Moodley, Y (2011): The population structure of Helicobacter pylori: a mirror image of human population history. Weekly Seminar; DEC 12, 2011; University of South Bohemia, Ceske Budejovice; CZECH REP. 2011.


Aydinonat, D; Penn, DJ; Moodley, Y; Hoelzl, F; Schwarzenberger, F (2013): Social Deprivation Associated With Reduced Telomere Length In African Grey Parrots (Psittacus Erithacus Erithacus). -International Conference on Diseases of Zoo and Wild Animals 2013; MAY 8-11, 2013; Vienna, AUSTRIA.

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