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Quigley Cliodhna,

Beiträge für wissenschaftliche Veranstaltungen


Janisch, J; Quigley, C.; Perinot, E; Fusani, L (2020): A new method to analyse a complex courtship display in 3D ASAB Winter meeting; DEZ 3-4, 2020; Online, United Kingdom. 2020.

Quigley, C (2020): Comparative aesthetics in the dove lab. Colloquium, Department for Psychology of Cognition, Emotion, and Methods (EVA Lab); JAN 23, 2020; Vienna, Austria. 2020.

Schädelin, FC; Quigley, C; Wagner, RH (2018): Experimental evidence that predation drives colony formation in a cichlid. Alpine Tanganyikan Cichlid Symposium 2018; JUL 19-20, 2018; University of Konstanz, Germany. 2018.

Quigley, C (2017): "Thanks for your attention": the importance of visual attention in perception. Seminar Department of Behavioural Biology, University of Vienna; MAY 4, 2017; Vienna, Austria. 2017.

Quigley, C (2017): Mate choice in action: Quantifying value during courtship. Seminar Department of Cognitive Biology, University of Vienna; JUNE 26, 2017; Vienna, Austria. 2017.

Quigley, C (2017): Mate choice in action: Quantifying value during courtship. Seminar am Wilhelminenberg; JUNE 7, 2017; Vienna, Austria. 2017.

Quigley, C; Andersen, SK; Müller, M (2016): Keeping focused: selective attention and its effect on visual processing in healthy old age. -European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP); AUG 28 -SEP 01, 2016; Barcelona, SPAIN.

Quigley, C; Veith, V (2016): Cholinergic influences on spatial attention modulation in area MT of primate visual cortex. Neurosciences; NOV 12-16, 2016; San Diego, USA. 2016.


Janisch, J; Perinot, E; Fusani, L; Quigley, C (2021): 3D-motion capture to analyse a complex courtship display SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021; JAN 3-FEB 28, 2021; Herndon VA, United States (USA). 2021.

Mitoyen, C; Quigley, C; Wölfl, S; Fusani, L (2020): Temporal synchronization of multimodal courtship signals affects female sexual behaviour in the ring dove (Streptopelia risoria). ASAB Winter Conference 2020; DEC 3-4, 2020; London, United Kingdom. 2020.

Mitoyen, C; Quigley, C; Fusani, L (2018): Explorative study of the ring dove multicomponent courtship signal by integrated audio-video analysis. European Conference on Behavioural Biology 2018; AUG 9-12, 2018; Liverpool, United Kingdom. 2018.

Quigley, C; Fusani, L (2018): Female mate preference in birds as a window into aesthetics. Visual Neuroaesthetics Symposium (VisNA) 2018; APR 4-6, 2018; Frankfurt am Main, Germany. 2018.

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