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Jischa Susanne,

Presentations at scientific conferences


Aurich, C; Jischa, S; Walter, I; Nowotny, N; Palm, F; Budik, S; Kolodziejek, J; Aurich, JE (2008): Uterine involution and endometrial regeneration in mares after foaling. 41. Jahrestagung ├╝ber Physiologie und Pathologie der Fortpflanzung, Giessen, Germany, Germany, Feb. 28.-29., 2008. Reprod Domest Anim (43) 4-4.


Aurich, C; Jischa, S; Novotny, F; Palm, F; Budik, S (2007): Changes of the equine endometrium after foaling. -11th annual conference of the european society for domestic nimal reproduction (ESDAR); SEPT 23-26,2007; Celle, Germany.

Jischa, S; Palm, F; Walter, I; Aurich, C (2007): Histological Changes of the Equine Endometrium in the Post-partum Period. 40th Annual Conference of Physiology and Pathology of Reproduction and 32nd Mutual Conference on Veterinary and Human Reproductive Medicine, Berlin, Germany, Germany, February 22-23, 2007. Reproduction in Domestic Animals (42), Suppl. 2 131-131.

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