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Ganas Petra,

Presentations at scientific conferences


Gruber, J; Ganas, P; Hess, M (2016): Long term in vitro passaging of Histomonas meleagridis coincides with morphological changes and increased tenacity of the parasite. 3rd International Symposium on Parasite Infections in Poultry; JUL 1-2, 2016; Vienna, AUSTRIA. 2016.

Bilic, I; Ganas, P; Jaskulska, B; Lawson, B; Zadravec, M; Hess, M (2014): A single Trichomonas gal/inae strain causes avian trichomonosis outbreaks in European finches, confirmed by multi-locus sequence typing. 10-12.-1. Jahrestagung der DVG-Fachgruppe "Zier-, Zoo- und Wildvögel, Reptilien und Amphibien"; MAR 06-08, 2014; München, Germany. (ISBN: 978-3-86345-199-8 )

Ganas, P; Bilic, I; Jaskulska, B; Liebhardt, D; Wallner, A; Schöpf, K; Hess, M (2013): Isolation and identification of Trichomonas gallinae from outbreaks of finch trichomonosis in Austria. -47th Annual Meeting of the Austrian Society of Tropical Medicine, Parasitology and Migration Medicine; NOV 21-23, 2013; Vienna, AUSTRIA.

Liebhart, D; Sulejmanovic, T; Ganas, P; Hess, C; Ibesich, C; Hess, M (2013): Co-cultivated bacteria influence the colonization of attenuated Histomonas meleagridis following experimental vaccination of Turkeys. 633-633.-XVIIIth Congress of the World Veterinary Poultry Association; AUG 19-23, 2013; Nantes, France.

Ganas, P; Liebhart, D; Glösmann, M; Hess, C; Hess, M (2012): Growth of Histomonas meleagridis in monoxenic cultures reveals new insights into the interaction between protozoa and bacteria. 30--2nd International Symposium on Protozoal Infections in Poultry; Jul 6-7, 2012; Vienna, Austria.

Liebhart, D; Zahoor, MA; Ganas, P; Jaskulska, B; Hess, M (2012): In vitro attenuated and virulent Histomonas meleagridis target different organs in turkeys, independent of co-cultivated bacteria. 46th Annual Meeting of the Austrian Society of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology ; Nov 22-24, 2012; Innsbruck Austria. 2012.


Grafl, B; Bilic, I; Jaskulska, B; Feichtner, F; Ganas, P; Hussain, I; Hess, M (2016): Baculovirus expressed α-actinins are beneficial to improve the detection of antibodies against Histomonas meleagridis by ELISA. -3rd International Symposium Parasite Infections Poultry ; Jul 1-2, 2016; Vienna, Austria.

Hussain, I; Ganas, P; Hess, M (2013): Attempts to improve the in vitro cultivation System for Histomonas meleagridis. -47th Annual Meeting of the Austrian Society of Tropical Medicine, Parasitology and Migration Medicine; NOV 21-23, 2013; Vienna, Austria.

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