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Pacher Thomas,

Presentations at scientific conferences


Aytac, Z; Pacher, T; Novak, J; Chizzola, R; Franz, C (2013): Antioxidant activity and phenolic compounds of nine Artemisia species (Asteraeeae). 11-11.-17th International Congress Phytopharma; Jul 8-10, 2013; Vienna, AUSTRIA.


Brovedani, V; Sosa, S; Pelin, M; D`Orlando, E; Pacher, T; Zitterl-Eglseer, K; Tubaro, A (2014): Preliminary phytochemical analyses and in vitro evaluation of the antioxidant activity of a feed supplement containing Rose hip extract. 71--Farmacognosia - nuove opportunità terapeutiche dal mondo vegetale; JUN 20-21, 2014; Naples, ITALY.

Pommer, E; Zitterl-Eglseer, K; Pacher, T; Schramel, P; Lischka, B; Van den Hoven, R (2014): Pharmacokinetics of Petasites hybridus (Petzell) extract after oral administration in healthy horses. Internationale Tagung Phytotherapie 2014, Klinik und Praxis, Winterthur, SWITZERLAND, Switzerland, JUN 18-21, 2014. Forschende Komplementärmedizin / Research in Complementary Medicine (21 S1), 14 66-66.

Moldzio, R; Krewenka, C; Kolmanz, C; Duvigneau JC; Pacher, T; Novak, J; Rausch, WD (2012): Effects of THC, THC acid and CBD on MPP+ or glutamate affected dissociated mesencephalic cultures of mice. International Congress on Natural Products Research, New York, USA, United States (USA), JUL 28 - AUG 1, 2012. Planta Med (78), 11 1247-1247.

Lamien-Meda, A; Pacher, T; Novak, J; Franz, C (2010): Comparative GC/MS profiling of triterpenes and stilbenes from three West African Combretum Species. 7th Tannin Conference/58th International Congress and Annual Meeting of the Society-for-Medical-Plant-and-Natural-Product-Research, Berlin, GERMANY, Germany, AUG 29-SEP 02, 2010. Planta Med (76), 12 1236-1237.

Moldzio, R; Krewenka, C; Pacher, T; Novak, J; Rausch, WD (2010): Protection of dopaminergic neurons by tetrahydrocannabinol and other cannabinoids against MPP+ and glutamate induced damages in murine mesencephalic cultures. -2nd World Parkinson Congress; SEP 28 - OCT 1, 2010; Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM.

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