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** Desvars-Larrive, A; Dervic, E; Haug, N; Niederkrotenthaler, T; Chen, J; Di Natale, A; Lasser, J; Gliga, DS; Roux, A; Sorger, J; Chakraborty, A; Ten, A; Dervic, A; Pacheco, A; Jurczak, A [and 28 others] (2020): A structured open dataset of government interventions in response to COVID-19. Sci Data. 2020; 7(1):285
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** Desvars-Larrive, A; Smith, S; Munimanda, G; Bourhy, P; Waigner, T; Odom, M; Gliga, DS; Walzer, C (2020): Prevalence and risk factors of Leptospira infection in urban brown rats (Rattus norvegicus), Vienna, Austria. Urban Ecosyst. 2020 23 (4) 775-784.
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** Gliga, DS; Pisanu, B; Walzer, C; Desvars-Larrive, A (2020): Helminths of urban rats in developed countries: a systematic review to identify research gaps. Parasitol Res. 2020; 119(8):2383-2397
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** Haug, N; Geyrhofer, L; Londei, A; Dervic, E; Desvars-Larrive, A; Loreto, V; Pinior, B; Thurner, S; Klimek, P (2020): Ranking the effectiveness of worldwide COVID-19 government interventions. Nat Hum Behav 2020; 4(12): 1303-1312.

** Mahtani-Williams, S; Fulton, W; Desvars-Larrive, A; Lado, S; Elbers, JP; Halpern, B; Herczeg, D; Babocsay, G; Lauš, B; Nagy, ZT; Jablonski, D; Kukushkin, O; Orozco-terWengel, P; Vörös, J; Burger, PA (2020): Landscape Genomics of a Widely Distributed Snake, Dolichophis caspius (Gmelin, 1789) across Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Genes (Basel). 2020; 11(10):E1218
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Publizierter (zitierfähiger) Beitrag für wissenschaftliche Veranstaltung in Proceedings (A2)

Burger, PA; Mathani-Williams, S; Desvars-Larrive, A; Fulton, W; Lado, S; Elbers, JP; Halpern, B; Barbocsay, G; Nagy, ZT; Orozco-terWengel, P; Herczeg, D; Vörös, J (2020): Landscape genomics of a widely distributed racer (Dolichophis caspius, Gmelin 1789) across eastern Europe and western Asia 80-80.-4th Annual Meeting in Conservation Genetics from Genomes to Application; FEB 26-28, 2020; Frankfurt, Germany.

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Chakraborty, A; Chen, J; Desvars-Larrive, A; Klimek, P; Flores Tames, E; Garcia, D; Horstmeyer, L; Kaleta, M; Lasser, J; Reddish, J; Pinior, B; Wachs, J; Turchin, P (2020): Analyzing Covid-19 Data using SIRD Models. medrxiv doi: 10.1101/2020.05.28.20115527
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Desvars-Larrive A; Dervic E; Haug N; Garcia D (2020): A structured open dataset of government interventions in response to COVID-19 -- Codes for exploration and visualisation. Version v1.0.0 10.52 Zenodo,
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Desvars-Larrive, Amélie; Dervic, Elma; Haug, Nils; Garcia, David (2020): A structured open dataset of government interventions in response to COVID-19 -- Codes for exploration and visualisation. Version v1.0.0. Zenodo,
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** Desvars-Larrive, A; Hammed, A; Hodroge, A; Berny, P; Benoît, E; Lattard, V; Cosson, J-F (2019): Population genetics and genotyping as tools for planning rat management programmes. Journal of Pest Science 92(2): 691-705.
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** Desvars-Larrive, A; Ruppitsch, W; Lepuschitz, S; Szostak, MP; Spergser, J; Feßler, AT; Schwarz, S; Monecke, S; Ehricht, R; Walzer, C; Loncaric, I (2019): Urban brown rats ( Rattus norvegicus ) as possible source of multidrug-resistant Enterobacteriaceae and meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus spp., Vienna, Austria, 2016 and 2017. Euro Surveill. 2019; 24(32): pii=1900149.
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** Loncaric, I; Kübber-Heiss, A; Posautz, A; Ruppitsch, W; Lepuschitz, S; Schauer, B; Feßler, AT; Krametter-Frötscher, R; Harrison, EM; Holmes, MA; Künzel, F; Szostak, MP; Hauschild, T; Desvars-Larrive, A; Misic, D [and 7 others] (2019): Characterization of mecC gene-carrying coagulase-negative Staphylococcus spp. isolated from various animals. Vet Microbiol. 2019; 230:138-144

Publizierter (zitierfähiger) Beitrag für wissenschaftliche Veranstaltung in Proceedings (A2)

Mahtani-Williams, S; Fulton, W; Desvars-Larrive, A; Lado, S; Elbers, J; Halpern, B; Babocsay, G; Laus, B; Nagy, ZT; Orozco-terWengel, P; Herczeg, D; Vörös, J; Burger, PA (2019): Landscape genomics of the Caspian whipsnake (Dolichophis caspius) across Eastern Europe and Western Asia. 115-115.-XX European Congress of Herpetology; SEP 2-6, 2019; Milano, Italy. (ISBN: 979-12-200-5284-9 )



** Desvars-Larrive, A; Baldi, M; Walter, T; Zink, R; Walzer, C (2018): Brown rats (Rattus norvegicus) in urban ecosystems: are the constraints related to fieldwork a limit to their study?. Urban Ecosystems 21(5): 951-964.
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** Desvars-Larrive, A; Liu, X; Hjertqvist, M; Sjostedt, A; Johansson, A; Ryden, P (2017): High-risk regions and outbreak modelling of tularemia in humans Epidemiol Infect. 2017; 145(3): 482-490.

** Desvars-Larrive, A; Pascal, M; Gasqui, P; Cosson, JF; Benoît, E; Lattard, V; Crespin, L; Lorvelec, O; Pisanu, B; Teynié, A; Vayssier-Taussat, M; Bonnet, S; Marianneau, P; Lacôte, S; Bourhy, P [and 9 others] (2017): Population genetics, community of parasites, and resistance to rodenticides in an urban brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) population. PLoS One. 2017; 12(9):e0184015
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** Filippone, C; Castel, G; Murri, S; Beaulieux, F; Ermonval, M; Jallet, C; Wise, EL; Ellis, RJ; Marston, DA; McElhinney, LM; Fooks, AR; Desvars, A; Halos, LG; Vourc"h, G; Marianneau, P; Tordo, N (2016): Discovery of hantavirus circulating among Rattus rattus in French Mayotte island, Indian Ocean. J Gen Virol. 2016; 97(5):1060-1065
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** Desvars, A; Furberg, M; Hjertqvist, M; Vidman, L; Sjostedt, A; Ryden, P; Johansson, A (2015): Epidemiology and Ecology of Tularemia in Sweden, 1984-2012 Emerg Infect Dis. 2015; 21(1): 32-39.
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** Desvars, A; Grimaud, Y; Guis, H; Esnault, O; Allene, X; Gardes, L; Balenghien, T; Baldet, T; Delecolle, JC; Garros, C (2015): First overview of the Culicoides Latreille (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) livestock associated species of Reunion Island, Indian Ocean Acta Trop. 2015; 142: 5-19.

** Jacquet, S; Garros, C; Lombaert, E; Walton, C; Restrepo, J; Allene, X; Baldet, T; Cetre-Sossah, C; Chaskopoulou, A; Delecolle, JC; Desvars, A; Djerbal, M; Fall, M; Gardes, L; De Garine-Wichatitsky, M [and 25 others] (2015): Colonization of the Mediterranean basin by the vector biting midge species Culicoides imicola: an old story Mol Ecol. 2015; 24(22): 5707-5725.

** Naze, F; Desvars, A; Picardeau, M; Bourhy, P; Michault, A (2015): Use of a New High Resolution Melting Method for Genotyping Pathogenic Leptospira spp. Plos One. 2015; 10(7): E0127430
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** Vourc'h, G; Halos, L; Desvars, A; Boue, F; Pascal, M; Lecollinet, S; Zientara, S; Duval, T; Nzonza, A; Bremont, M (2014): Chikungunya antibodies detected in non-human primates and rats in three Indian Ocean islands after the 2006 ChikV outbreak Vet Res. 2014; 45: 52
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** Desvars, A; Michault, A; Bourhy, P (2013): Leptospirosis in the western Indian Ocean islands: what is known so far Vet Res. 2013; 44: 80
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** Desvars, A; Michault, A; Chiroleu, F (2013): Influence of risk factors on renal leptospiral load in naturally infected wild black rats Acta Trop. 2013; 125(3): 258-261.

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** Desvars, A; Naze, F; Vourc'h, G; Cardinale, E; Picardeau, M; Michault, A; Bourhy, P (2012): Similarities in Leptospira Serogroup and Species Distribution in Animals and Humans in the Indian Ocean Island of Mayotte Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2012; 87(1): 134-140.


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Gerbier, G; Sailleau, C; Bréard, E; Viarouge, C; Desprat, A; Lasne, L; Gouyet, L; Desvars, A; Baldet, T; Biteau, F; Delécolle, JC; Garros, C; Roger, F; Zientara, S (2011): Épidémiologie comparée des orbivirus en Guadeloupe et à la Réunion. Bulletin Epidémiologique. Santé animale - alimentation (43) 39-43.


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** Vourc'h, G; Halos, L; Desvars, A (2009): Animals, arbovirus and man. Virologie (13), 2 67-72.

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