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Ruhnau Daniel,

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Ruhnau, D; Hess, C; Hess, M; Awad, WA (2020): Co-exposure to deoxynivalenol (DON) and Deepoxy-Deoxynivalenol (DOM-1) with Campylobacter jejuni differentially modulates the intestinal permeability in broiler chickens. 8-8.-6th Symposium of the Graduate School for Pig and Poultry Medicine (PaP); FEB 20-21, 2020; Vienna, Austria.

** Awad, WA; Ruhnau, D; Hess, C; Doupovec, B; Schatzmayr, D; Hess, M (2019): Feeding of deoxynivalenol increases the intestinal paracellular permeability of broiler chickens. Arch Toxicol. 2019; 93(7):2057-2064
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Paudel, S; Ruhnau, D; Liebhart, D; Hess, M; Hess, C (2019): Increased severity of infectious coryza in chickens experimentally infected with Avibacterium paragallinarum and Gallibacterium anatis. -International Symposium on Avian Mycoplasmosis and Infectious Coryza; NOV 13-15, 2019; Utrecht, Netherlands.

Paudel, S; Ruhnau, D; Liebhart, D; Hess, M; Hess, C (2018): Experimental investigations on the interaction of Avibacterium paragallinarum and Gallibacterium anatis in chickens in context of vaccination -MedVetPATHOGENS; OCT 8-11, 2018; Prato, Italy.

** Paudel, S; Ruhnau, D; Wernsdorf, P; Liebhart, D; Hess, M; Hess, C (2017): Presence of Avibacterium paragallinarum and Histopathologic Lesions Corresponds with Clinical Signs in a Co-infection Model with Gallibacterium anatis. Avian Dis. 2017; 61(3):335-340

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