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Binder Claudia,

** = Publikationen gelistet in SCI/SSCI/Pubmed



** Binder, C; Aurich, J; Scarlet, D; Reichart, U; Walter, I; Aurich, C (2021): Expression of nuclear progesterone receptor, progesterone receptor membrane components 1 and 2 and prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 2 in the endometrium and oviduct of spontaneously ovulating cats. Theriogenology. 2021; 172:200-206

** Binder, C; Reifinger, M; Aurich, J; Aurich, C (2021): Histopathological findings in the uteri and ovaries of clinically healthy cats presented for routine spaying. J Feline Med Surg. 2021 23 (8) 770-776.

** Colombo, M; Zahmel, J; Binder, C; Herbel, J; Luvoni, GC; Jewgenow, K (2021): Ovary cold storage and shipment affect oocyte yield and cleavage rate of cat immature vitrified oocytes. Cryobiology. 2021; 98:181-186

** Schäfer-Somi, S; Binder, C; Burak, J; Papadopoulos, N; Ilas, J; Boersma, A; Aurich, C (2021): Using egg yolk in a TRIS-Equex STM Paste extender for freezing of dog semen is superior to egg yolk plasma, also after addition of lecithin and catalase. Cryobiology. 2021; 100:63-71
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** Binder, C; Aurich, C; Reifinger, M; Aurich, J (2019): Spontaneous ovulation in cats-Uterine findings and correlations with animal weight and age. Anim Reprod Sci. 2019; 209:106167

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** Schäfer-Somi, S; Ilas, J; Burak, J; Papadopoulos, N; Binder, C; Aurich, C (2019): Different effects of egg yolk plasma and catalase in lecithin and TRIS based diluents on frozen-thawed canine spermatozoa. 22nd Congress of the European-Veterinary-Society-for-Small-Animal-Reproduction (EVSSAR), Berlin, GERMANY, Germany, JUN 28-29, 2019. Reprod Domest Anim (54), S2 67-68.



** Binder, C; Katić, N; Aurich, JE; Dupré, G (2018): Postoperative complications and owner assessment of single portal laparoscopic ovariectomy in dogs. Vet Rec. 2018; 183(24):745

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