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Hutter Sabine,


27 Publications, total
5 Publications (papers, reviews) listed in SCI/SSCI
3 Other publications listed in SCI/SSCI (letter, editorial etc.)
8 Anzahl der Open Access Publikationen

Journal Impact Factor:

6 Number of publications (papers, reviews) for which a journal impact factor could be allocated yet
17,808 Sum of Journal Impact Factor, for 6 publications
8,222 Maximum Journal Impact Factor out of 6 publications

Citation data (to be updated in each month. Source: Web of Science):

27 Sum of citations for SCI/SSCI publications:
3 h-Index
17 Maximum number of citations for SCI/SSCI publication
0 Number of SCI/SSCI publications with at least 100 citations (citation classics)
0 Number of SCI/SSCI publications with at least 30 citations
1 Number of uncited SCI/SSCI publications (papers, reviews)

SCI/SSCI publications by type of publication:

4 Full Paper
1 Letter
1 Review
2 Meeting Abstract

All publications by type of publication:

6 Journal Article
2 Conference Paper in Journal
3 Other Publications
1 Doctoral Thesis
1 Master Thesis
13 Published (citable) presentations at scientific conferences (A2)
1 Project Report

Not-published presentations

4 Not published (not citable) presentations at scientific conferences (A3)
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