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Feichtner Franziska,

** = Publications listed in SCI/SSCI/Pubmed


Journal Article

** Feichtner, F; Schachner, A; Berger, E; Hess, M (2018): Development of sensitive indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays for specific detection of antibodies against fowl adenovirus serotypes 1 and 4 in chickens. Avian Pathol. 2018; 47(1):73-82

** Feichtner, F; Schachner, A; Berger, E; Hess, M (2018): Fiber-based fluorescent microsphere immunoassay (FMIA) as a novel multiplex serodiagnostic tool for simultaneous detection and differentiation of all clinically relevant fowl adenovirus (FAdV) serotypes. J Immunol Methods. 2018; 458:33-43


Published (citable) presentations at scientific conferences (A2)

Feichtner, F; Schachner, A; Berger, E; Hess, M (2017): Recombinant fiber proteins enable sensitive and species-specific detection of antibodies against clinically relevant fowl aviadenoviruses (FAdVs) in chickens. -XXth congress of the World Veterinary Poultry Association; SEP 4-8, 2017; Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

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