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Mader Eduard,

** = Publications listed in SCI/SSCI/Pubmed


Journal Article

** Lukas, B; Samuel, R; Mader, E; Baser, KHC; Duman, H; Novak, J (2013): Complex evolutionary relationships in Origanum section Majorana (Lamiaceae). Bot J Linn Soc (171), 4 667-686.


** Mader, E; Ruzicka, J; Schmiderer, C; Novak, J (2011): Quantitative high-resolution melting analysis for detecting adulterations. Anal Biochem. 2011; 409(1):153-155


** Mader, E; Lohwasser, U; Börner, A; Novak, J (2010): Population structures of genebank accessions of Salvia officinalis L. (Lamiaceae) revealed by high resolution melting analysis. Biochem Syst Ecol (38), 2 178-186.

** Schmiderer, C; Mader, E; Novak, J (2010): DNA-based identification of Helleborus niger by high-resolution melting analysis. Planta Med. 2010; 76(16):1934-1937


** Mader, E; Lukas, B; Novak, J (2008): A strategy to setup codominant microsatellite analysis for high-resolution-melting-curve-analysis (HRM). BMC Genet. 2008; 9:69
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Conference Paper in Journal

** Mader, E; Bein-Lobmaier, B; Novak, J; Franz, Ch (2007): The effect of contaminating an /-/-alpha-bisabolol with an /-/-alpha-bisabololoxide (A,B)chemotype of tetraploide chamomile. I International Symposium on Chamomile Research, Development and Production, Presov, Slovak Republic, 7-10 June 2006. Acta Horticulturae (749) 97-102.

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