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302 Publications, total
102 Publications (papers, reviews) listed in SCI/SSCI
4 Other publications listed in SCI/SSCI (letter, editorial etc.)
23 Anzahl der Open Access Publikationen

Journal Impact Factor:

89 Number of publications (papers, reviews) for which a journal impact factor could be allocated yet
173,852 Sum of Journal Impact Factor, for 89 publications
10,408 Maximum Journal Impact Factor out of 89 publications

Citation data (to be updated in each month. Source: Web of Science):

2222 Sum of citations for SCI/SSCI publications:
26 h-Index
149 Maximum number of citations for SCI/SSCI publication
2 Number of SCI/SSCI publications with at least 100 citations (citation classics)
22 Number of SCI/SSCI publications with at least 30 citations
5 Number of uncited SCI/SSCI publications (papers, reviews)

SCI/SSCI publications by type of publication:

97 Full Paper
1 Letter
1 Correction
1 Comment
4 Proceedings Paper
1 Case Report
1 Note
1 Meeting Abstract

All publications by type of publication:

112 Journal Article
64 Conference Paper in Journal
9 Popular Science Article
2 Project Report
112 Published (citable) presentations at scientific conferences (A2)
3 Original Article in Series

Not-published presentations

49 Not published (not citable) presentations at scientific conferences (A3)
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