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** = Publications listed in SCI/SSCI/Pubmed


Journal Article

** Janisch, J; Mitoyen, C; Perinot, E; Spezie, G; Fusani, L; Quigley, C (2021): Video recording and analysis of avian movements and behaviour: insights from courtship case studies. Integr Comp Biol. 2021; 61(4):1378-1393

** Janisch, J; Perinot, E; Fusani, L; Quigley, C (2021): Deciphering choreographies of elaborate courtship displays of golden-collared manakins using markerless motion capture. Ethology. 2021 127 (7) 550-562.
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** Mitoyen, C; Quigley, C; Boehly, T; Fusani, L (2021): Female behaviour is differentially associated with specific components of multimodal courtship in ring doves. Animal Behaviour 2021; 173: 21-39
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** Quigley, C (2021): Forgotten rhythms? Revisiting the first evidence for rhythms in cognition. Eur J Neurosci. 2021;
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** Veith, VK; Quigley, C; Treue, S (2021): Cholinergic manipulations affect sensory responses but not attentional enhancement in macaque MT. BMC Biol. 2021; 19(1):49
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Conference Paper in Journal

** Fusani, L; Janisch, J; Perinot, E; Quigley, C (2021): The making of an elaborate courtship display: acrobatics, choreographies, and the role of females. Annual Meeting of the Society-for-Integrative-and-Comparative-Biology (SICB), ELECTR NETWORK, United States, JAN 31-FEB 28, 2021. Integr Comp Biol (61), S1 E284-E284.

** Janisch, J; Quigley, C; Perinot, E; Fusani, L (2021): 3D-motion capture to analyse a complex courtship display. Annual Meeting of the Society-for-Integrative-and-Comparative-Biology (SICB), ELECTR NETWORK, United States, JAN 31-FEB 28, 2021. Integr Comp Biol (61), S1 E1150-E1150.

Published (citable) presentations at scientific conferences (A2)

Krumpholz, C; Quigley, C; Little, AC; Zäske, R; Riebel, K (2021): Multimodal signalling of attractiveness. 31-32.-Cogsci 2021: 43rd Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society; JUL 26-29, 2021; Vienna, Austria.


Journal Article

** Haiduk, F; Quigley, C; Fitch, WT (2020): Song Is More Memorable Than Speech Prosody: Discrete Pitches Aid Auditory Working Memory. Front Psychol. 2020; 11:586723
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** Mitoyen, C; Quigley, C; Fusani, L (2019): Evolution and function of multimodal courtship displays. Ethology. 2019; 125(8):503-515
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Original Article in Series

Quigley, C; Fusani, L (2018): Courtship and Mating. IN: Swanson, P; Skinner, MK [Hrsg.]: Encyclopedia of Reproduction (Second Edition). 2. Ed. Amsterdam, Elsevier, pp. 67-71. ISBN: 978-0-12-815145-7.


Journal Article

** Veith, VK; Quigley, C; Treue, S (2016): A Pressure Injection System for Investigating the Neuropharmacology of Information Processing in Awake Behaving Macaque Monkey Cortex. J Vis Exp. 2016;

Published (citable) presentations at scientific conferences (A2)

Quigley, C; Andersen, SK; Müller, M (2016): Keeping focused: selective attention and its effect on visual processing in healthy old age. -European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP); AUG 28 -SEP 01, 2016; Barcelona, SPAIN.


Journal Article

** Keitel, C; Quigley, C; Ruhnau, P (2014): Stimulus-driven brain oscillations in the alpha range: entrainment of intrinsic rhythms or frequency-following response? J Neurosci. 2014; 34(31):10137-10140

** Quigley, C (2014): Visual attention and consciousness Perception. 2014; 43(6): 595-596.

** Quigley, C; Müller, MM (2014): Feature-selective attention in healthy old age: a selective decline in selective attention? J Neurosci. 2014; 34(7):2471-2476

Book, Monograph

Quigley, C (2014): Keeping focused: Selective attention and its effect on visual processing in healthy old age. Leipzig, Leipziger Universitätsverlag, pp. 136. ISBN: 978-3-86583-722-6.


Journal Article

** Keitel, C; Andersen, SK; Quigley, C; Müller, MM (2013): Independent effects of attentional gain control and competitive interactions on visual stimulus processing. Cereb Cortex. 2013; 23(4):940-946


** Quigley, C; Andersen, SK; Müller, MM (2012): Keeping focused: sustained spatial selective visual attention is maintained in healthy old age. Brain Res. 2012; 1469:24-34

** Walter, S; Quigley, C; Andersen, SK; Mueller, MM (2012): Effects of overt and covert attention on the steady-state visual evoked potential. Neurosci Lett. 2012; 519(1):37-41


** Quigley, C; Andersen, SK; Schulze, L; Grunwald, M; Muller, MM (2010): Feature-selective attention: Evidence for a decline in old age Neurosci Lett. 2010; 474(1): 5-8.


** Schall, S; Quigley, C; Onat, S; König, P (2009): Visual stimulus locking of EEG is modulated by temporal congruency of auditory stimuli. Exp Brain Res. 2009; 198(2-3):137-151

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