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Mundry Roger,

** = Publications listed in SCI/SSCI/Pubmed


Journal Article

** Lange, A; Waiblinger, S; van, Hasselt, R; Mundry, R; Futschik, A; Lürzel, S (2021): Effects of restraint on heifers during gentle human-animal interactions. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 2021; 243: 105445
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** Laschober, M; Mundry, R; Huber, L; Schwing, R (2021): Kea (Nestor notabilis) show flexibility and individuality in within-session reversal learning tasks. Anim Cogn. 2021 24 (6) 1339-1351.
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** Motes-Rodrigo, A; Mundry, R; Call, J; Tennie, C (2021): Evaluating the influence of action- And subject-specific factors on chimpanzee action copying. R Soc Open Sci. 2021; 8(2):200228
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** O'Hara, M; Mioduszewska, B; Mundry, R; Yohanna, ; Haryoko, T; Rachmatika, R; Prawiradilaga, DM; Huber, L; Auersperg, AMI (2021): Wild Goffin's cockatoos flexibly manufacture and use tool sets. Curr Biol. 2021; 31(20):4512-4520.e6
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** Ostreiher, R; Mundry, R; Heifetz, A (2021): On the self-regulation of sentinel activity among Arabian babbler groupmates. Animal Behaviour 2021; 173: 81-92

** Rault, JL; Camerlink, I; Goumon, S; Mundry, R; Špinka, M (2021): The Joint Log-Lift Task: A Social Foraging Paradigm. Front Vet Sci. 2021; 8:745627
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** Huber, L; Salobir, K; Mundry, R; Cimarelli, G (2020): Selective overimitation in dogs. Learn Behav. 2020; 48(1):113-123

** Picard, AM; Mundry, R; Auersperg, AM; Boeving, ER; Boucherie, PH; Bugnyar, T; Dufour, V; Emery, NJ; Federspiel, IG; Gajdon, GK; Guery, JP; Hegedic, M; Horn, L; Kavanagh, E; Lambert, ML [and 10 others] (2020): Why preen others Predictors of allopreening in parrots and corvids and comparisons to grooming in great apes. Ethology. 2020 126 (2) 207-228.

Conference Paper in Journal

** Jang, H; Boesch, C; Mundry, R; Ban, SD; Janmaat, KRL (2020): Comparison of Large-Scale Spatial Performances of Human Foragers and Chimpanzees in Tropical Rainforests. 8th European Federation for Primatology Meeting, Oxford, United Kingdom, SEP 8-11, 2019. Folia Primatol (91), 3 320-320.

** Mundry, R (2020): Don't Let it Be Too Observational - How Inference from Observational Studies Can Benefit from Careful Planning of the Data Collection and/or Analysis. 8th European Federation for Primatology Meeting, Oxford, United Kingdom, SEP 8-11, 2019. Folia Primatol (91), 3 321-322.

Published (citable) presentations at scientific conferences (A2)

Lange, A; Mundry, R; Waiblinger, S; Lürzel, S (2020): Der Einfluss von Fixierung im Fressgitter auf Ohrpositionen von Jungrindern während freundlicher Mensch-Tier-Interaktionen. 264-266.-52. Internationale Tagung Angewandte Ethologie; NOV 26-27, 2020; Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. (ISBN: 978-3-945088-78-4 )

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