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Kaltenegger Anna,

** = Publications listed in SCI/SSCI/Pubmed


Journal Article

** Kaltenegger, A; Humer, E; PacĂ­fico, C; Zebeli, Q (2021): Feeding dairy cows bakery by-products enhanced nutrient digestibility, but affected fecal microbial composition and pH in a dose-dependent manner. J Dairy Sci. 2021; 104(7):7781-7793


** Kaltenegger, A; Humer, E; Stauder, A; Zebeli, Q (2020): Feeding of bakery by-products in the replacement of grains enhanced milk performance, modulated blood metabolic profile, and lowered the risk of rumen acidosis in dairy cows. J Dairy Sci. 2020; 103(11):10122-10135

** Stauder, A; Humer, E; Neubauer, V; Reisinger, N; Kaltenegger, A; Zebeli, Q (2020): Distinct responses in feed sorting, chewing behavior, and ruminal acidosis risk between primiparous and multiparous Simmental cows fed diets differing in forage and starch levels. J Dairy Sci. 2020; 103(9):8467-8481

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