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                          Baumgartner, Walter, Dipl.ECBHM Univ.-Prof. Dr.h.c.
University Clinic for Ruminants, Clinical Unit of Ruminant Medicine

This researcher is no longer associated with Vetmeduni Vienna.


Statistik Austria science classification

Curr. Vitae

2013 Univ.-Prof., University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Brno, Czech Republic
2010 Visiting professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Breslau
2008 -2016 Visiting professor at Universidade Lusofona, Lisboa, Portugal
2007 -2008 Visiting professor at escola veterinaria Vasco da Gama, Coimbra, Portugal
1982 Univ.-Prof.
1978 ao. Univ.-Prof.
1972 Promotion Dr.


2018 Ehrenpräsident der WAB (World Association for Buiatrics)
2016 Ehrenmitglied der ÖBG (Österreichische Buiatrische Gesellschaft)
2015 Ehrenmitglied der ÖGT (Österreichische Gesellschaft der Tierärztinnen und Tierärzte)
2014 Medal of Merit
2010 Trophy of Merit, Moroccan Buiatrics Association
2010 Memorial Medal University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno
2010 Honorary doctor Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences
2010 Medal from the research institute Lemberg
2007 Hutÿra Ferenc Medal awarded by Hungarian Veterinary Society (11.12.2007)
2007 Top cited clinician (14.6.2007)
2006 Medal of Honour by Nizza (16.10.2006)
2006 Poster award AWD
2006 Honorary member of Associacao Portuguesa de Buiatria (4.6.2006)
2006 Top cited clinician (30.6.2006)
2005 Honorary Scientist Rural Development Administration Korea
2004 Honorary member Societa Italiana di Buiatria (6.5.2004)

Appointments/Memberships in Professional Societies

2016 -2018 World Association for Buiatrics
Past President
2015 - Fachtierarztprüfungskommission für Wiederkäuer
2006 - Österreichische Buiatrische Gesellschaft
2006 -2009 Österreichische Gesellschaft der Tierärzte
2003 - European College of Bovine Health Management
Founding Member
2000 -2016 World Association for Buiatrics
1996 -2015 Fachtierarztprüfungskommission für Rinder
1992 -2018 Sektion Klauentiere der ÖGT
1986 -1988 Osterreichische Gesellschaft der Tieraerzte
1985 -2013 International Association for Paratuberculosis

Editorial board appointments for scientific journals

1993 - Klauentierpraxis: ChefredakteurIn
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