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                          Wagner, Richard, PhD. Priv.-Doz.
Konrad Lorenz Institute of Ethology

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Curr. Vitae

2011 Senior Scientist: Konrad Lorenz Institute, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna
2006 Adjunct Assoc. Professor University of Vienna
2006 Habilitation, University of Vienna
2000 -2010 Senior Scientist: Konrad Lorenz Institute for Ethology, Austrian Academy of Sciences
1997 -2000 Adjunct Professor and Research Associate: York University. Instructed graduate and undergraduate courses in evolution, ecology, and ornithology.
1996 -1999 Visiting Associate Professor: CNRS - Institute of Ecology, University of Pierre & Marie Curie, Paris. Researched the relationship between habitat assessment and mate assessment in a cliff nesting seabird, the kittiwake, at Cap Sizun Reserve, France. April - August 1996 and February - April 1999
1994 -1996 Research Fellow: York University. Researched sexual selection and territoriality in birds; combined genetic techniques with behavioral ecology.
1991 D. Phil., Oxford University, Department of Zoology
1991 -1994 Research Fellow: Smithsonian Institution. Researched sexual selection and colony formation in purple martins.
1986 M.F.S., Yale University, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Wildlife Ecology Program
1981 B.A., University of Arizona, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Appointments/Memberships in Professional Societies

2005 - International Society of Behavioral Ecology
1998 - The Smithsonian Institution
Research Fellow

Reviewer for scientific journals

  • Animal Behaviour.
  • Behavioral Ecology.
  • Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology.
  • Ecology Letters.
  • Evolution.
  • Ibis.
  • Reviewer/Expert funding organizations

    2011 -2011 Israel Science Foundation - Israel

    Organizer of scientific conferences, Chairs

    2007 6th Conference of the European OrnithologistsÂ’ Union, Vienna 2007
    Member of organizing committee
    2002 Edited abstracts for publication in the proceedings of the XXIII International Ornithological Congress, Beijing, China 2002
    Member of scientific advisory board
    2001 Sexual Selection
    Member of organizing committee
    2000 KLIVV journal club
    1998 Symposium on Coloniality for the XXII International Ornithological Congress, Durban, South Africa, 1998
    Member of organizing committee
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