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Curr. Vitae

2015 -2016 Scientific consultant for Stratus Consulting Inc., Boulder CO, USA. Natural Resource Damage Assessment for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, 2010.
2012 -2012 Measurement and elaboration of physiological, morphological and behavioural data collected on migratory birds on the island of Ponza, Italy, led by Prof. Dr. Leonida Fusani (University of Ferrara, Italy) and Prof. Wolfgang Goymann (Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, Seewiesen, Germany);
2012 -2014 Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Biology, University of Western Ontario, London (Canada). Topic: “Effects of crude oil on the migratory performance of birds”. Supervisor Prof. Christopher G. Guglielmo
2011 -2011 Field technician in the project "Stopover of passerine birds at the northern desert edge in Morocco". Project leader: Gabriel Gargallo (Catalan Institute of Ornithology, Barcelona, Spain). Financed by the Institute of Avian Research, Wilhelmshaven (Germany).
2011 -2011 Field technician in a study on "Migratory connectivity of bluethroats Luscinia svecica in Senegal", led by Dr. Juan Arizaga (Aranzadi Science Society, San Sebastian, Spain).
2010 -2012 Research assistant in GPS-tracking of Cory’s Shearwaters Calonectris diomedea at various Italian colonies, project managed by LIPU (BirdLife Italy);
2009 -2010 Postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Avian Research “Vogelwarte Helgoland”, Wilhelmshaven (Germany). Topic: “Migratory strategies of the Northern Wheatear Oenanthe oenanthe”. Supervisor Prof. Dr. Franz Bairlein.
2005 -2009 PhD in Ornithology at the University of Oldenburg (Germany). Thesis: "Migratory strategies of Northern Wheatears Oenanthe oenanthe". Supervisor Prof. Dr. Franz Bairlein.
1998 -2004 Studies in Biology and Diploma in Zoology at the University of Zurich (Switzerland). Thesis: “Do birds refuel when stopping over in the Western Sahara desert?”. Supervisor Prof. Dr. Uli Reyer and PD Dr. Lukas Jenni (Vogelwarte Sempach, Switzerland).


2013 Honourable mention for excellent reviewing on Peerage of Science

Appointments/Memberships in Professional Societies

2018 - Migrant Landbird Study Group (MLSG)
Vice Chairperson
2015 - Internationale Ornithologen Gesellschaft (IOU)
2013 - European Ornithologists' Union (EOU)

Editorial board appointments for scientific journals

2020 -2023 Journal of Ornithology: Academic Editor
2020 -2021 Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution: Guest Editor
2014 -2016 Proceedings of Peerage of Science: Associate Editor

Reviewer for scientific journals

  • Animal Biodiversity and Conservation.
  • Animal Migration.
  • Ardea.
  • Behavioral Ecology.
  • Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology.
  • Biology Letters.
  • Bird Conservation International.
  • Bird Study.
  • BMC Ecology.
  • Comparative biochemistry and physiology A, Molecular & integrative physiology.
  • Conservation Biology.
  • Conservation Physiology.
  • Current Zoology.
  • Ethology.
  • Ethology, Ecology & Evolution.
  • Experimental Physiology.
  • Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution.
  • Frontiers in Physiology.
  • Global Change Biology.
  • Ibis.
  • International Journal of Biometeorology.
  • Italian Journal of Zoology.
  • Journal for Nature Conservation.
  • Journal of Animal Ecology.
  • Journal of Avian Biology.
  • Journal of Comparative Physiology A.
  • Journal of Experimental Biology.
  • Journal Of Field Ornithology.
  • Journal of Ornithology.
  • Movement Ecology.
  • Ornis Fennica.
  • Ornithology.
  • Peerage of Science.
  • PLoS One.
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS).
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B : Biological Sciences.
  • Science of the Total Environment.
  • Scientific Reports.
  • The Condor.
  • Wilson Journal of Ornithology.
  • Reviewer/Expert funding organizations

    2018 -2018 Israel Science Foundation - Israel
    2017 -2017 National Geographic Society - United States

    Organizer of scientific conferences, Chairs

    2021 6. BeringerInnen-Treffen der Österreichischen Vogelwarte (AOC)
    2020 5. BeringerInnen-Treffen der Österreichischen Vogelwarte (AOC)
    2019 4. BeringerInnen-Treffen der Österreichischen Vogelwarte (AOC)
    2018 3. BeringerInnen-Treffen der Österreichischen Vogelwarte (AOC)
    2017 2. BeringerInnen-Treffen der Österreichischen Vogelwarte (AOC)
    2016 1. BeringerInnen-Treffen der Österreichischen Vogelwarte (AOC)
    2006 24th International Ornithological Congress
    Member of organizing committee
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