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Conference on Environmental Health and Food Security

Mankind is developing globally to high standards of life quality. Food production, motorisation, high energy demands for industry and house hold all contribute to changes in world homeostasis. Environmental monitoring has become a necessary tool to follow up a direct threat to human health from pollutants, pathogens and a worldwide market which permits travelling of microbes in a rapid way by nternational transports at a hitherto unknown scale. Global trade with food is currently under discussion to cause environmental pollution and to add to climatechange but is necessary to allow food security and sufficient, balanced and healthy nutrition of a growing global population. Food security and food safety are indispensable requirements for global trade with food and pharmaceuticals. Political barriers, civil disturbances and most important wars endanger food security and thus enhance migration. To ensure a safe and sufficient food production common regulations have to be applied. Nevertheless this seems to be a far off objective from a global point of few. However the current global warming will drive us in the absolute necessity to commonly act and to adjust technological, economic, social and cultural efforts for the benefit of mankind. Scientific exchange with high ranking Russian universities, which are members in the Eurasia-Pacific Uninet hasalready been achieved in different fields. Joint conferences have been held together with the far eastern Russian areas together with Mongolian experts. Meetings at the Nowosibirsk University focussed on global studies as wellas issues of language and economics and Saint Petersburg State University as a long-time partner of the Uninet has cooperated in various summer schools for economic issues (together with the University of Economy Vienna,as well as Medical Summer schools together with the Medical Austrian Universities). Scientific co-operations with Russia within the network on environmental issues are therefore a missing link within the capacities of the network. Thus to initiate a scientific exchange of experience on environmental deterioration, global climate change, concomitant problems for food safety and security, production and storage and presentation to the market are of high priority. The partner university is moreover a leading university in oil processing, oil derived products for pharmacy and pharmacology as well as technical purposes, which by its self, next to their necessary use may pose environmental problems. The Austrian participants are internationally recognized experts to comment on the proposed topics and to interpret a national, European and international point of view and to discuss all advantages and disadvantages. In addition to the presentations by all articipating experts, the partner university will as well provide their experts for scientific presentations. Joint discussions in small groups are planned following thescientific presentations, which should lead to a further deepening of the individual thematic issues with national experts and stakeholders.
Environmental Health
Hilbert Friederike
Eurasia-Pacific Uninet
Art der Forschung
Beteiligte Vetmed-Organisationseinheiten
Institut für Lebensmittelsicherheit, Lebensmitteltechnologie und öffentliches Gesundheitswesen in der Veterinärmedizin, Abteilung für Hygiene und Technologie von Lebensmitteln
(Weitere) Projektpartner
Kazan National Research Technical University named after A.N.Tupolev, Kazan, Tatarstan, Russland
National Universität Ulaanbaatar
Staatliche Universität Sankt Petersburg, St. Petersburg, Russland
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Österreichischer Austauschdienst (OeAD) GmbH, Ebendorferstraße 7, 1010 Wien, Österreich
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