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Initiative for promoting research and innovation capacity ofpoultry veterinary companies

The poultry sector is an extremely important factor in agricultural value creation in the regions of Northern Austria, Southern Bohemia and Moravia and the highlands. On the Austrian side, 1,121 farms with a capacity of more than 9.8 million animals and 3.5 million in South Moravia and 6 million animals in South Bohemia the region with fresh and safe food from poultry production. This accounts for almost half of Austria's total production capacity and a significant share of the Czech Republic. The farms are facing major challenges, especially in regards of poultry health and poultry feeding, and rely on optimal veterinary care for the animals. However, this is only sustainable if, according to the latest state of knowledge, it is examined, diagnosed and treated by a veterinarian. Such a service can only be provided by the regional veterinarian companies, usually organized as SMEs, if the gains in research and innovation flow into their day-to-day work in a steady and timely manner. To this end, efforts to research existing facts, close cooperation with relevant research institutions and the corresponding exchange and knowledge transfer between veterinary practice and research are essential. Unfortunately, veterinary practices lack manpower, time, equipment and expertise to conduct the necessary research into the current disease basis, and the two VUW & VRI research organizations involved have complementary capabilities (pool of experts, infrastructure, expertise and experience) that are much larger Synergy and cross-border cooperation with the veterinarians and poultry keepers concerned. In this project, the two main scientific research institutions VUW and VRI and, as strategic partners, the representatives of poultry medicine (AT: QGV, CZ: ÚSKVBL) have come together to contribute to the improvement of the situation in 3 main work packages (WP): In WP1, a community needs assessment. WP2 will be used to demonstrate the feasibility of collaborative R & D between the research organizations and the primary stakeholders of the project, the veterinarians' operations, and AP3 will ultimately serve to sustain and achieve the greatest impact in the region through knowledge transfer of results, knowledge and experience in regional poultry medicine and poultry farming. This project is intended to serve the purpose of getting to know the reciprocal regional conditions regarding poultry farming and poultry medicine, and to introduce the target groups of the project to intensified scientific cooperation.
Coordination for vetmeduni vienna
Liebhart Dieter
Coordination in general
Ivan Rychlik
Veterinary Research Institute, Hudcova 296/70, 621 00 Brno, Czech Republic
Interreg V-A Österreich-Tschechische Republik 2014-2020
Type of Research
Applied research
Liebhart D.,
Vetmed Research Units
University Clinic for Poultry and Fish Medicine, Clinical Unit of Poultry Medicine
Funded by
EU (Kommission der Europäischen Union), Rue de la Loi, Brussels, European Union
2 Publications

Mitra, T; Bramberger, B; Bilic, I; Hess, M; Liebhart, D (2021): Vaccination against the protozoan parasite histomonas meleagridis primes the activation of toll-like receptors in turkeys and chickens determined by a set of newly developed multiplex rt-qpcrs. Vaccines (Basel). 2021; 9(9):960
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Abdelhamid, MK; Rychlik, I; Hess, C; Hatfaludi, T; Crhanova, M; Karasova, D; Lagler, J; Liebhart, D; Hess, M; Paudel, S (2021): Typhlitis induced by Histomonas meleagridis affects relative but not the absolute Escherichia coli counts and invasion in the gut in turkeys. Vet Res. 2021; 52(1):92
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