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Characterization of the gut microbiota in cattle in terms of food quality and animal health

Project leader
Wagner Martin
Type of Research
Basic research
Vetmed Research Units
Institute of Food Safety, Food Technology and Veterinary Public Health, Unit of Food Microbiology
Funded by
Amt der Niederösterreichischen Landesregierung, St. Pölten, Austria
3 Publications

Wetzels, SU; Mann, E; Metzler-Zebeli, BU; Pourazad, P; Qumar, M; Klevenhusen, F; Pinior, B; Wagner, M; Zebeli, Q; Schmitz-Esser, S (2016): Epimural Indicator Phylotypes of Transiently-Induced Subacute Ruminal Acidosis in Dairy Cattle. Front Microbiol. 2016; 7:274
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Mann, E; Wetzels, SU; Pinior, B; Metzler-Zebeli, BU; Wagner, M; Schmitz-Esser, S (2016): Psychrophile spoilers dominate the bacterial microbiome in musculature samples of slaughter pigs. Meat Sci. 2016; 117:36-40

Mann, E; Pinior, B; Wetzels, SU; Metzler-Zebeli, BU; Wagner, M; Schmitz-Esser, S (2015): The Metabolically Active Bacterial Microbiome of Tonsils and Mandibular Lymph Nodes of Slaughter Pigs. Front Microbiol. 2015; 6:1362
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