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An avian model for understanding adaptations and modulatory drivers of avian migration

Project leader
Marasco Valeria
Horizon 2020 - Excellent Science - Marie S. Curie (MSCA) - Individual Fellowships (IF) H2020
Type of Research
Vetmed Research Units
Konrad Lorenz Institute of Ethology, Unit of Ornithology
Funded by
EU (Kommission der Europäischen Union), Brussels, European Union
9 Publications

Marasco, V; Boner, W; Griffiths, K; Heidinger, B; Monaghan, P (2021): Repeated exposure to challenging environmental conditions influences telomere dynamics across adult life as predicted by changes in mortality risk. FASEB J. 2021; 35(8):e21743
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Marasco, V; Fusani, L; Pola, G; Smith, S (2020): Data on the de novo transcriptome assembly for the migratory bird, the Common quail (Coturnix coturnix). Data Brief. 2020; 32:106041
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Messina, S; Edwards, DP; Marasco, V; Canoine, V; Cosset, CCP; Tomassi, S; Benedick, S; Eens, M; Costantini, D (2020): Glucocorticoids link forest type to local abundance in tropical birds. Funct Ecol. 2020 34 (9) 1814-1825.

Marasco, V; Boner, W; Griffiths, K; Heidinger, B; Monaghan, P (2019): Intergenerational effects on offspring telomere length: interactions among maternal age, stress exposure and offspring sex. Proc Biol Sci. 2019; 286(1912):20191845

Huber, N; Marasco, V; Painer, J; Vetter, SG; Göritz, F; Kaczensky, P; Walzer, C (2019): Leukocyte Coping Capacity: An Integrative Parameter for Wildlife Welfare Within Conservation Interventions. Front Vet Sci. 2019; 6:105
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Marasco, V (2018): An avian model for understanding the main drivers of migration. Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG); JUNE 26 2018; Vianna, Austria. 2018.

Marasco, V; Fusani, L (2018): An experimental laboratory based approach to study phenotypic flexibility of migratory birds 100-100.-International Ornithological Congress (IOC) 2018; AUG 21, 2018; Vancouver, Canada.

Marasco, V; Larriva, M; Spencer, KA (2018): Integrative biology: a critical step forward to unravel the molecular mechanisms generating behavioural plasticity. 43-43.-European Conference on Behavioural Biology; AUG 9-12, 2018; Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Smith, S; Fusani, L; Boglarka, B; Sanchez-Donoso, I; Marasco, V (2018): Lack of introgression of Japanese quail in a captive population of common quail. Eur J Wildlife Res. 2018; 64(5): 51
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