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Abrogating atopy by treating functional iron-deficiency

Iron deficiency correlates with atopy and allergy, while improved iron status prevents allergy. We have been able to show that proteins are only "iron-free" allergens, while binding of complexed iron suppresses an immune response. Iron is also essential for the microbiome. Allergy sufferers have a mild functional iron deficiency that affects immune cells and the microbiome. The aim of the project is to confirm in both mice and humans that the administration of complexed protein-bound iron through the dietary supplement Immunobon® can improve iron status and reduce clinical reactivity, thus leading to a robust data set for scientific publications. In an ongoing clinical pilot study, allergic reactivity before and after NEM and placebo administration is determined by nasal provocation and by an electronic pollen diary, where symptoms can be correlated with personal pollen exposure. The blood is tested for iron and immune parameter, as well as reactivity to Th2 and Th1 stimuli will be done in the Comparative Medicine laboratory at Vetmeduni Vienna. Stool samples and nasal secretions will be examined for their immunological and microbial composition before and after administration of NEM or placebo. The study aims to repeat results confirming the effect of ImmunoBon® against allergic symptoms.
Iron-deficiency and Allergy
Project leader
Roth-Walter Franziska
Type of Research
Clinical research / study
Vetmed Research Units
Messerli Research Institute, Comparative Medicine
Funded by
Biomedical International R+D Gmbh, Wagramer Straße 19/21, 1220 Wien, Austria
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