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Influence of level of feed intake on the progesterone metabolism in dairy cows

The objectives of these studies were to determine the effect of level of feed intake on progesterone clearance rates in dairy cows. Endogenous progesterone (P4) roduction was eliminated by subcutanously implanting a capsule containing a GnRH-agonist (deslorelin) into the ear of each animal 3 weeks before inserting a CIDR device containing 1.9 g P4 into the vagina. Daily plasma samples were assayed for P4. Faecal samples were also taken daily and assayed for pregnanes (FP4M) containing a 20-oxo-, a 20alpha- or a
20beta-OH group with EIAs. Cows were either fed ad libitum or food restricted. In addition the influence of food quality on fecal progesterone excretion was tested. Results show that there was a negative relationship between feed intake (the amount of food consumed) and plasma P4
concentrations. However, concentrations of FP4M were not affected by level of feed intake or fecal output, but daily excretion rate of FP4M was associated with the volume of faeces. In addition, food quality, (high or low dry matter or metabolizable energy) in the diet did not effect the
excretion rates of FP4M metabolites and plasma P4 concentrations.
Coordination for vetmeduni vienna
Schwarzenberger Franz
Coordination in general
Rabiee, A., Macmillam, J.
Universität Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia
Type of Research
Basic research
Vetmed Research Units
Institute for Medical Biochemistry
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Contact: Prof.Dr. F. Schwarzenberger
Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Veterinärmedizinische Endokrinologie, Veterinärplatz 1, A Wien, Austria
Funded by
Dairy Research and Development Corporation, Victoria, Australia
8 Publications

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