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Comparative Detection of Allergens in the Air of Horse Stables and from the Skin of Horses

Allergic diseases in man are an increasing health problem. Such diseases are particularly consequence-fraught when the respiratory tract is affected. Comparable disease processes are also known in animals. Asthma bronchiale well-known with humans, can also be found in the horse. Asthma bronchiale and also the so-called chronic obstructive bronchitis of the horse, an allergic disease of the horse with symptoms the type I and type III allergy, can substantially limit the efficiency of riding and sport horses or make it even impossible. The prognosis of allergic diseases of the bronchi and lungs is not unfavorable in as much as horses can regain efficiency in an allergen-poor environment. With regard to risk assessment and monitoring of allergen load in stables there are merely no methods available.
In the work projected here the presence and quantity of allergens are to be measured by means of different dust collection methods in the air, within the breath area of the animals and on their skin, which can lead in hypersensitive horses to illnesses. Those applied procedures permit a predication about the respirability of allergens in stable dust due to the particle size. Further the qualitative and quantitative detection of specific anitgens will be performed in the respective compartiments.
Coordination for vetmeduni vienna
Riedelberger Klaus
Hochschuljubil├Ąumsstiftung der Stadt Wien
Type of Research
Applied research
Riedelberger K.,
Vetmed Research Units
University Equine Clinic, Clinical Unit of Equine Internal Medicine
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Stadt Wien, Rathausstra├če 14-16, 1082 Wien, Austria
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