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Feeding patterns in chelonians

Coordination for vetmeduni vienna
Gumpenberger Michaela
Coordination in general
Dr. Josef Weisgram
Universität Wien, Universitätsring 1, 1010 Wien, Austria
Type of Research
Basic research
Gumpenberger M.,
Vetmed Research Units
University Clinic for Small Animals, Clinical Unit of Diagnostic Imaging
Funded by
2 Publications

Lemell, P; Lemell, C; Snelderwaard, P; Gumpenberger, M; Wochesländer, R; Weisgram, J (2002): Feeding patterns of Chelus fimbriatus (Pleurodira: Chelidae). J Exp Biol. 2002; 205(Pt 10):1495-1506 Open Access Logo

Wochesländer, R; Gumpenberger, M; Weisgram, J (2001): Intraoral Food Transport in Testudo hermanni (Chelonia, Cryptodira) - a Radiographic Video Analysis. Netherlands Journals of Zoology (50), 4 445-454.

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