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HDL: Heat Dissipation Limitation or Hot Hamsters during lactation?

Hot Hamster
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Valencak Teresa
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Basic research
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Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology
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FWF - Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung, Wien, Austria

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6 Publications

Ohrnberger, SA; Hambly, C; Speakman, JR; Valencak, TG (2020): Limits to sustained energy intake XXXII: Hot again: dorsal shaving increases energy intake and milk output in golden hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus). J Exp Biol. 2020; 223(Pt 24):jeb230383

Ohrnberger, SA; Hambly, C; Speakman, JR; Valencak, TG (2018): Limits to sustained energy intake. XXIX. The case of the golden hamster ( Mesocricetus auratus ). J Exp Biol. 2018; 221(Pt 21):

Ohrnberger, SA; Brinkmann, K; Palme, R; Valencak, TG (2018): Dorsal shaving affects concentrations of faecal cortisol metabolites in lactating golden hamsters. Naturwissenschaften. 2018; 105(1-2):13
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Valencak, TG; Osterrieder, A; Schulz, TJ (2017): Sex matters: The effects of biological sex on adipose tissue biology and energy metabolism. Redox Biol. 2017; 12:806-813
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Ohrnberger, SA; Monclús, R; Rödel, HG; Valencak, TG (2016): Ambient temperature affects postnatal litter size reduction in golden hamsters. Front Zool. 2016; 13:51
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Kwak, J; Ohrnberger, SA; Valencak, TG (2016): Detection of rare species of volatile organic selenium metabolites in male golden hamster urine. Anal Bioanal Chem. 2016; 408(18):4927-4934

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