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Effects of PUFA on hibernation and aging

Fettsäuren, Winterschlaf und Alterung
Project leader
Giroud Sylvain
FWF Einzelprojekte
Type of Research
Basic research
Painer-Gigler J., Project team member
Stalder G., Project team member
Smith S., Project team member
Vetmed Research Units
Konrad Lorenz Institute of Ethology
Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology
Funded by
FWF - Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung, Sensengasse 1, 1090 Wien, Austria

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14 Publications

Ruf, T; Gasch, K; Stalder, G; Gerritsmann, H; Giroud, S (2021): An hourglass mechanism controls torpor bout length in hibernating garden dormice. J Exp Biol. 2021; jeb.243456
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Fia Lie, F; de Wit, L; Giroud, S; Henning, RH (2021): DNA damage during torpor in the garden dormouse, Eliomys Quercinus -16th International Hibernation Symposium (IHS); AUG 1-5, 2021; Groningen, Netherlands.

Haugg, E; Borner, J; Stalder, G; Diedrich, V; Giroud, S; Herwig, A (2021): Differences in hypothalamic transcriptomics comparing hibernation and spontaneous daily torpor -16th International Hibernation Symposium (IHS); AUG 1-5, 2021; Groningen, Netherlands.

Giroud, S; Chery, I; Arrivé, M; Prost, M; Zumsteg, J; Heintz, D; Evans, AL; Gauquelin-Koch, G; Arnemo, JM; Swenson, JE; Lefai, E; Bertile, F; Simon, C; Blanc, S (2021): Hibernating brown bears are protected against atherogenic dyslipidemia. Sci Rep. 2021; 11(1):18723
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Huber, N; Vetter, S; Stalder, G; Gerritsmann, H; Giroud, S (2021): Dynamic Function and Composition Shift in Circulating Innate Immune Cells in Hibernating Garden Dormice. Front Physiol. 2021; 12:620614
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Bertile, F; Habold, C; Le Maho, Y; Giroud, S (2021): Body Protein Sparing in Hibernators: A Source for Biomedical Innovation. Front Physiol. 2021; 12:634953
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Giroud, S; Habold, C; Nespolo, RF; Mejías, C; Terrien, J; Logan, SM; Henning, RH; Storey, KB (2021): The Torpid State: Recent Advances in Metabolic Adaptations and Protective Mechanisms†. Front Physiol. 2021; 11:623665
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Watts, AJ; Logan, SM; Kübber-Heiss, A; Posautz, A; Stalder, G; Painer, J; Gasch, K; Giroud, S; Storey, KB (2020): Regulation of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Pathway During Torpor in the Garden Dormouse, Eliomys quercinus. Front Physiol. 2020; 11:615025
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Logan, SM; Watts, AJ; Posautz, A; Kübber-Heiss, A; Painer, J; Stalder, G; Giroud, S; Storey, KB (2020): The Ratio of Linoleic and Linolenic Acid in the Pre-hibernation Diet Influences NFκB Signaling in Garden Dormice During Torpor. Front Mol Biosci. 2020; 7:97
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Nowack, J; Tarmann, I; Hoelzl, F; Smith, S; Giroud, S; Ruf, T (2019): Always a price to pay: hibernation at low temperatures comes with a trade-off between energy savings and telomere damage. Biol Lett. 2019; 15(10):20190466

Giroud, S; Chery, I; Bertile, F; Bertrand-Michel, J; Tascher, G; Gauquelin-Koch, G; Arnemo, JM; Swenson, JE; Singh, NJ; Lefai, E; Evans, AL; Simon, C; Blanc, S (2019): Lipidomics Reveals Seasonal Shifts in a Large-Bodied Hibernator, the Brown Bear. Front Physiol. 2019; 10:389
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Giroud, S; Evans, AL; Chery, I; Bertile, F; Tascher, G; Bertrand-Michel, J; Gauquelin-Koch, G; Arnemo, JM; Swenson, JE; Lefai, E; Blanc, S; Simon, C (2018): Seasonal changes in eicosanoid metabolism in the brown bear. Naturwissenschaften. 2018; 105(9-10):58
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Giroud, S; Stalder, G; Gerritsmann, H; Kübber-Heiss, A; Kwak, J; Arnold, W; Ruf, T (2018): Dietary Lipids Affect the Onset of Hibernation in the Garden Dormouse ( Eliomys quercinus ): Implications for Cardiac Function. Front Physiol. 2018; 9:1235
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Mahlert, B; Gerritsmann, H; Stalder, G; Ruf, T; Zahariev, A; Blanc, S; Giroud, S (2018): Implications of being born late in the active season for growth, fattening, torpor use, winter survival and fecundity. Elife. 2018; 7: e31225
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