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Monitoring of heart rate and Oxygen Saturation in calves during birth, using wireless sensortechnology to reduce rate of stillbirths

Project leader
Drillich Marc
Jutta und Georg Bruns-Stiftung - Stipendium
Type of Research
Applied research
Vetmed Research Units
University Clinic for Ruminants, Clinical Unit of Herd Management in ruminants
Funded by
Jutta und Georg Bruns-Stiftung, Bahnhofstrasse 40, 49439 Steinfeld, Germany
2 Publications

Kanz, P; Gusterer, E; Krieger, S; Schweinzer, V; Süss, D; Drillich, M; Iwersen, M (2020): Pulsoximetric monitoring of fetal arterial oxygen saturation and fetal pulse at stage II of labor to predict acidosis in newborn Holstein Friesian calves. Theriogenology. 2020; 142:303-309

Kanz, P; Krieger, S; Drillich, M; Iwersen, M (2018): Technical note: Evaluation of a wireless pulse oximeter for measuring arterial oxygen saturation and pulse rate in newborn Holstein Friesian calves. J Dairy Sci. 2018; 101(7):6437-6442

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