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Publikationstyp: Zeitschriftenaufsatz
Dokumentart: Übersichtsarbeit

Publikationsjahr: 2018

AutorInnen: Gianazza, E; Miller, I; Guerrini, U; Palazzolo, L; Parravicini, C; Eberini, I

Titel: Gender proteomics I. Which proteins in non-sexual organs.

Quelle: J Proteomics. 2018; 178:7-17

Autor/innen der Vetmeduni Vienna:

Miller Ingrid,

Beteiligte Vetmed-Organisationseinheiten
Institut für Medizinische Biochemie,

Differences related to gender have long been neglected but recent investigations show that they are widespread and may be recognized with all types of omics approaches, both in tissues and in biological fluids. Our review compiles evidence collected with proteomics techniques in our species, mainly focusing on baseline parameters in non-sexual organs in healthy men and women. Data from human specimens had to be replaced with information from other mammals every time invasive procedures of sample procurement were involved.

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