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Publikationstyp: Zeitschriftenaufsatz
Dokumenttyp: Kongressbeitrag Originalarbeit
Vortragstyp: Vortrag

Jahr: 1999

AutorInnen: Spitzenberger, F; Englisch, H; Hammer, S; Hartl, GB; Suchentrunk, F

Titel: Morphological and genetic differentiation of bank voles, Clethrionomys glareolus, from the Eastern Alps.

Quelle: 4th International Symposium on Ecological Genetics in mammals, Vienna, AUSTRIA, Austria, SEP 06-10, 1998. Folia Zoologica (48), Suppl. 1 69-94.

Autor/innen der Vetmeduni Vienna:

Hammer Sabina
Suchentrunk Franz

Beteiligte Vetmed-Organisationseinheiten
Forschungsinstitut für Wildtierkunde und Ökologie

Variation of external and skull measurements, pelage colour and non-metric traits of 15 geographic samples of Austrian bank, voles, Clethrionomys glareolus, was studied with univariate and multivariate statistical methods. The results were compared with the results of allozyme analysis of four, and studies of mitochondrial DNA sequences (d-loop and cyt b gene) of five geographic samples. Morpho- and colourimetric, epigenetic and electrophoretic methods yielded a differentiation into an eastern and western group, which was feebly backed by results obtained by cyt b sequencing. Although different approaches did not suggest exactly the same grouping of samples, the results seem to be robust enough to demonstrate, that the Eastern Alps were colonized in postglacial times by two different phylogenetic lineages (nageri from the west, glareolus or istericus from the east) that probably had split during the Wurm glaciation.

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