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Publikationstyp: Zeitschriftenaufsatz
Dokumenttyp: Originalarbeit

Jahr: 2009

AutorInnen: Fereidouni, SR; Beer, M; Vahlenkamp, T; Starick, E

Titel: Differentiation of two distinct clusters among currently circulating influenza A(H1N1)v viruses, March-September 2009.

Quelle: Eurosurveillance (14), 46 2-4.

Autor/innen der Vetmeduni Vienna:

Fereidouni Sasan

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Analysis of all complete genome sequences of the pandemic influenza A(H1N1)v virus available as of 10 September 2009 revealed that two closely related but distinct clusters were circulating in most of the affected countries at the same time. The characteristic differences are located in genes encoding the two surface proteins - haemagglutinin and neuraminidase - and four internal proteins - the polymerase PB2 subunit, nucleoprotein, matrix protein M1 and the non-structural protein NS1. Phylogenetic inference was demonstrated by neighbour joining, maximum likelihood and Bayesian trees analyses of the involved genes and by tree construction of concatenated sequences.

Keywords Pubmed: Bayes Theorem
Disease Outbreaks*
Genome, Viral
Hemagglutinin Glycoproteins, Influenza Virus/genetics
Influenza A Virus, H1N1 Subtype/classification*
Influenza A Virus, H1N1 Subtype/genetics
Influenza A Virus, H1N1 Subtype/isolation & purification
Influenza, Human/epidemiology
Influenza, Human/virology*
Likelihood Functions
RNA Replicase/genetics
RNA-Binding Proteins/genetics
Sequence Homology
United States/epidemiology
Viral Core Proteins/genetics
Viral Matrix Proteins/genetics
Viral Nonstructural Proteins/genetics
Viral Proteins/genetics

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