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Type of publication: Doctoral Thesis
Type of document:

Year: 2003

Authors: Kern, M

Title: Der Einsatz von pflanzlichen Arzneien in der Kleintier- und Pferdemedizin in Oberösterreich.

Source: Dissertation, Vet. Med. Univ. Wien, pp. 91.


Zitterl-Eglseer Karin

Project(s): Survey on the use of phytotherapy by veterinary practitioners in Austria, Germany and Switzerland

An analysis of 77 questionnaires among veterinarians for small animals and horses in Upper Austria was made to evaluate the frequency of the application of medicinal herbs. Afterwards the results were compared with veterinarians in Carinthia and Vienna, where the same analyses were made. The investigation concentrated primarily the use of medicinal herbs in relation to the medical indication, species and cause of illness. Secondly, the opinion of the owners and the veterinarians were taken into consideration. The herbs were predominantly applied in cases of chronic illness and for preventive treatment of dermatological, orthopaedical and gastro-enterical disorders. The owners opinions, with regard to the use of medical herbs, were almost entirely positive, whereas the veterinarians views were less enthusiastic. Of those surveyed, practically all stated there were sufficient opportunities available to increase their personal knowledge in this area. Although from those questioned, over half responded they never had sought out further vocational training. In conclusion, it may be said, that the interest in medicinal herbs within veterinary medicine is increasing and this needs to be matched with an intensive commitment from veterinarians, phytotherapeutic research and pharmaceutical industry.

phytotherapy / small animals and horses / use of medicinal herbs

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