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Publication type: Doctoral Thesis

Year: 2003

Author(s): Pühringer, S

Title: Untersuchungen zum Vorkommen von Ochratoxin A in Katzennieren und Katzenfuttermitteln.

Source: Dissertation, Vet. Med. Univ. Wien, pp. 80.


Iben Christine

In total, 101 feline kidneys with and without pathological alterations have been investigated to determine Ochratoxin A contents. After homogenization and extraction, RIDA immuno-affinity columns served for sample clean-ups and detection of OTA. A High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) was used for sample analysis. The underlying sample showed 39 kidneys with positive OTA contents. In 16 cases thereof (15,8% of total sample) the range of contents amounted from 0,31 up to 5,18 µg/kg. The single highest OTA contents in three feline kidneys were 3,30, 3,39 and 5,18 µg/kg OTA. The mean corresponding to samples with an OTA content in the range from 0,31 up to 5,18 µg/kg equals 1,26 µg/kg, with a median of 0,64 µg/kg. Minor OTA contents in the range from 0,11 up to 0,30 µg/kg have been identified in 23 cases (22,8% of total sample) corresponding to both a mean and median of 0,20 µg/kg. Other than originally assumed, no significant correlation between the occurrence of OTA in feline kidneys and pertinent pathological changes could be established based on the analysed sample. Additionally, 55 pet foods for cats, both canned (45) and dry (10), have been investigated. Fourteen pet foods (25,5% of total sample) showed positive levels of OTA in the range from 0,11 up to 2,17 µg OTA/kg original substance. Seven out of 45 canned pet foods showed positive OTA-contents in the range from 0,65 up to 2,33 µg/kg dry substance, corresponding to a mean of 1,18 µg/kg and a median of 0,79 µg/kg. OTA was identified in 7 out of 10 dry pet foods in a range from 0,31 µg/kg up to 2,41 µg/kg dry substance corresponding to a mean of 0,76 µg/kg and a median of 0,42 µg/kg. The detection limit of OTA both in feline kidneys and pet foods for cats amounted to 0,1 µg/kg. The mean recovery rate of OTA concerning feline kidneys and pet foods for cats has been proved to be 76,5% (contents ranging from 0,10 µg/kg up to 5,50 µg/kg) and 88,0% (contents ranging from 0,10 µg/kg up to 0,52 µg/kg) respectively.

ochratoxin A / feline kidneys / pet food for cats / HPLC

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