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Type of publication: Diploma Thesis
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Year: 2011

Authors: Ringerthaler, Johanna

Title: Beeinflussung der Phosphorresorption bei Katzen durch Zusatzstoffe.

Other title: Influencing of the phosphorus resorption with cats by additives

Source: Diplomarbeit, Vet. Med. Univ. Wien, pp. 45.


Iben Christine

Zentek Jürgen

Vetmed Research Units:
Institute of Animal Nutrition and Functional Plant Compounds

Graduation date: 09.09.11

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a very common disease of older cats. There are different possibilities to stop the hyperphosphatemia which is caused by the CKD. Dietary phosphorus restriction is one way, to feed an intestinal phosphate binder is another possibility, as cats often do not accept the diet feed. You can also combine both. In a further stage a fluid therapy is indicated. We tested the effect of three different intestinal phosphate binders. The aim of the study was to evaluate the efficiency of a P-adsorbent concerning the reduction of P-availability in cats. The decrease of P-intake is essential for the treatment of chronic kidney disease. Therefore the results of this trial are clinically highly relevant and can help to slow the progress of renal injury. In this trial nine clinically healthy cats received in a cross over design Ipakitine®, Ipakitine-plus® and Renalzin® for 10 days. After each single trial the Phosphor content of the homogenised faeces and urine samples were determinded and statistical evaluated. The results of this trial show, that Ipakitine® seems to have a higher P-binding effect as Ipakitine plus® or Renalzin®. As there were no significant differences due to the treatment, the results of this trial can only be taken as a trend.

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